Friday, March 26, 2010


Megan had made it through her first shift. It was a light one. Got her own hair net which she absolutely hated. It gave her a whole new perspective on being a modern day lunch lady. In the end, all that mattered was leaving the facility spotless.

She was tired. Her feet hurt. She was dragging, but the one thing she'd noticed...she was the only female there. This disgusted her. Of course, everyone had looked at her as if she wouldn't last til the weekend. She assumed they were right. Yes, she was pathetic. Everything disgusted her, from slivered onions to mushy tomatoes. And what ever did they to do to lettuce to keep it so fresh? Maybe she didn't want to know. And the meat slicer which she avoided at all cost, but some day soon she would have to learn to use it. It haunted her with bad dreams.

"So how is it?" She waited a day to call Caitlin. Megan laid across her bed and closed her eyes. She was beginning to think her new best friend might actually be her bed. She so didn't want to leave it as she stared at the ceiling.

"Fine. Everything is fine." Naturally, Caitlin wouldn't dare say anything else.

"Well, I'm fine too." Two could play at that game.

"Really?" Caitlin wanted to know the truth.

"Are you?" Megan lifted herself up on her elbows and noticed a zit coming on her forehead from the mirror across the room. It was huge.



"God, my room is like a jail cell." Caitlin finally fumed.

Megan fell back then and smiled. That was good to hear. She hated to envy her, but she did.

"Meet anyone new?" Megan's next question. Megan knew she wouldn't. Caitlin went out of her way not to meet people. Caitlin was anti-social and didn't even know it.


"You didn't?" Megan's mind was racing now. She met someone. Already. How could she?

"I haven't done anything, really." Yeah, that was the Caitlin she knew. "But there is this guy, and well, he stayed-"

"HE STAYED WITH YOU LAST NIGHT?" Megan wanted to know. They said the Uni was like that. Meet someone and the next thing you're sleeping with them.

"Of course not." Now she'd made Caitlin angry. "He-he's nice. And well, this girl was with his roommate. We just, you know, put the sheets on my bed and he hung up my Vampire Diaries poster."

"I didn't know you still liked that show." Megan found herself saying. She wanted to talk about anything but herself.

"Not really. So how's Craig?" Caitlin moved on as if they were suppose to be talking about Meg stuff.

"Oh, that." Megan sighed. "We broke up. For good this time. Really."

"Really? Are you sure?" Caitlin sounded as if she knew Megan would take him back in a heartbeat. You just didn't find that sort of quality in guys at their school. After all, Megan had said he was the best of the best at one time.

"Yes. This time, I mean it." Megan's eyes opened wide. They were so over. She hoped she never saw him again. She certainly didn't want him, finding out she was working at Sid's.


the oaks said...

hahaha..megan. thinking caitlin has found someone already.

simon n josh said...

I liked their conversation.

ellie said...

I wonder if Megan does mean it?

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I sure do hope megan doesn't mean it

Holly said...

Well, I'm glad they are touching base.

Iva said...