Saturday, March 20, 2010

fading fast

There would be rain. Caitlin was sure she'd be lost. But somehow the Taxi knew where to go.

"You went in a Taxi?" Her father was furious. "You can't do this every-time!" He had screamed into her cell, making her feel all the more awful.

Already, he had her in a nervous wreck before she even reached the dorm. Well, how many times could she say she was sorry? He promised in the end to put more money on her bank card. But she was never to do it again. And there was the serious under tone that she better find a job, like yesterday, if she intended to stay there.

She felt empty. Her mind couldn't think of what to say to the guy at the desk. It was all so mind boggling, and she hadn't even gone to register for classes yet. That would be tomorrow.

"You know, you can do it all, online now." The frizzy haired boy told her as he handed her the key to her room. Which wasn't even a key. It was a fop. "We've got new security." It seemed strange to have such high tech equipment in a building that had to have been built before the fifties.

"Oh." Well, she was wet. She didn't much care as long as there was a room to crash.

"The cafeteria closes in half-hour, you better hurry if you're hungry." He pointed her in the right direction so she pulled her suit case toward the hall he mentioned and  meandered a bit until she found the sign and the smell of ailing spices and onion.

Luckily, he gave her a temporary pass. She guessed she couldn't get her ID online. So she struggled with her messenger bag and the suit case along with a tray. She took the last Salisbury steak and thin mashed potatoes. It was food. She didn't want to look at it, even if the green beans were the only thing worth eating.

"Do you need some help?" Someone tapped her shoulder.

There went the soda on her, and she hadn't even made it through the line yet.

"I'm so sorry." The dark blond male gritted. He got napkins, tempting to pat the drink out, but her long sleeve gray T was already damp. She glared at him as if he weren't to touch her. Ever. Her cheeks swelled a frown.

"Really, really I am." He took her tray as if he'd help her. Caitlin was left with the napkins. Slowly, she went to the table where he'd sat the tray down. "Let me get you another drink." He did and he'd noticed that she'd gotten a Dr. Pepper. He brought it to her as she sat down. He sat down across from her. Caitlin got a glimpse of his ocean blue eyes. She hated to stare. She looked at the mess on her plate.

"Did you just get here?" He kept looking at her.

"Uh-hmmm." She nodded. Caitlin wasn't use to this many questions.

"Me, too." He introduced himself. He was Zeke. She'd never met a Zeke before. He kept smiling, but she wasn't sure at what. Obviously, it couldn't be her. She looked behind her. The room was practically empty. He looked around to, as if perhaps she was expecting someone besides him.

She sipped her drink. Her body was tired even if she'd sat most of the day.

"So what floor are you on?"

She really didn't feel like talking. She let him look at the paperwork she was handed.

"Same floor as me." He gave her an open grin then.

She shot him a look as if she didn't know this was co-ed.

"What? You didn't know?" He gave her a serious look then.

She ate at the soggy meal. But each bite took a toll on her. She could hardly swallow. Seriously, it was so overwhelming. And yet, she could say nothing, but just look at him. He'd taken her appetite away.


ellie said...

interesting someone..I hope.

Ee Leen Lee said...

hello thanks for dropping by, keep up the writing, as I find my story ideas come from fragments and ideas

elliestories said...

Aw..I feel bad for her, but I'm glad she met him.

Heath and Nick said...

Interesting look about how she was looking to see if he was looking at her. I liked that part.

cait said...

Well, he seems like a good guy to meet.

Meg said...

Sounds like Caitlin could use a good night's sleep and a shower. But Zeke seems nice.

ivy's closet said...

I hope she remembers him...1st impressions mean a lot.

simon and josh said...

It must have almost felt surreal. Being so tired and all.

fan fic said...

Oh, interesting. I hope he's a good guy.