Saturday, March 13, 2010

not far from the rabbit hole.

OK, we were not going to be friends anymore. I mean, I was going off to the University and well, Megan always had Craig. And what did she need me for? Sure, I was the one always there to listen. And believe me, Megan can be the drama queen.

You know, the slightest things. A pimple. Her dress that turned pink in the wash. Her infamous hair. Driver's test. She had to have a special outfit for even that.

But she was always going places without me. And now, I'm going some place without her. And she'd be fine. She'd be off at college too. That was the plan. Off to the Uni, but closer to home. Closer to Craig. Closer to...well, everything back home.

Honestly, I saw Megan doing everything without me. Really. That's just the way it is. She has everything figured out. Everything. I wonder what that feels like.



Anonymous said...

cool story :) thanks for checking out my blog.

elliestories said...

Looks promising.

fan fic said...

So, this might really be good. Keep Writing!