Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pieces of us

Megan thought she might cry. Well, she knew it would be for all the wrong reasons. Naturally, it was all about her and not her friend Caitlin. She'd met her and her family down at the train station. Actually, Megan didn't even know where the train station was. She'd followed Caitlin's family down to where they'd see Caitlin off. She was going to the University. Already. School had been out just two weeks. This was Caitlin's way of getting ahead start, Megan supposed.

"Why on earth would you do it?" Megan was still in shock. She'd thought they'd have a summer of shopping and swimming together. At least. Now Megan would have to be on her own. There definitely would be no shopping thanks to her parents divorce, and she was definitely not up for swimming.

"Because I want too." Plain and simple. Caitlin's way of getting her edge on anything. She was the type to go that extra mile. She was going to be a lawyer which meant load of class work just to get into law school.

Well, here they were at the station. It was like Caitlin to take the train instead of the plane.

"When will you be back?" Megan wished she didn't care, but the fact was Craig had broken up with her. OK, she did first, but needed him back which had only lasted three days and one afternoon of breakup sex and now it was completely over, but she'd decide she might mention this to Caitlin later since this was her day. The big send off. No need to give her bad news. Of course, the news was even worse.

Due to her parents financial situation, Megan wasn't going to the nearby Uni like she'd expected. It was as if all bets were off. She was on her own now. Fortunate, to still be in her room she'd had since she was six. But she wasn't counting on that much longer, either. They were selling the house.

So when the tears dripped down her cheeks, Megan couldn't be sure if she was crying for herself or for Caitlin. Yes, for herself through and through, she knew she was selfish that way. But she kept hugging Caitlin.

"I'm going to miss you." Megan looked at her tiny friend. "You'll forget me. I know you will."

"I will not." Caitlin glared at her funny as if Megan had lost it.

"Just remember me, will you? You know, when you, are out having fun with all those new people you meet, you'll think of me."

"I'll e-mail you every day. We'll talk on the phone. Text. You know. Maybe I'll even try out Skype on my new laptop." Caitlin smiled as if Megan was making a big deal out of this for nothing.

"Of course, we will." Megan hoped. How long would that last? A Day. A week tops. Caitlin was moving on. She knew she had to let her go. But she never knew just how miserable she could feel until this moment when everything was actually gone that she'd taken for granted, all this time.


ellie said...

Megan definitely has a lot to deal with.

the oaks said...

At least she could see her friend off. I know I have friends who wouldn't if their life was that messed up.

¶ Michelle said...

thanks for stopping by my blog (:

I've been in a similar situation. I've let things go for the better, not regretting letting it go because I feel as if it had to and whatever happened happens for a reason.

- Michelle

simon n josh said...

Hopefully Megan will be strong for Caitlin.

fan fic said...

Hopefully, they can share the good times..and the bad times.

Meg said...

Thanks fro stopping by my blog!

Sounds like Megan is having a hard time, and now she won't even have Caitlin around either.

Oana Roxana said...

I feel nostalgic reading this.I remember my best friend and the fact we haven't spoken for so many years. :(