Monday, March 22, 2010

waiting for the moment

What was it about her that excited him so?

OK, Zeke vaguely remembered telling his roommate that the next girl who walked into the cafeteria would be his. No, it was Owen who had said that, but he'd left ten minutes ago with a girl he asked if she could do a flip. Imagine that line actually working on a girl? He imagined they were doing things to each other in that girl's room right now. He wasn't sure flips were involved, but something flexible.

He hoped Owen hadn't taken the girl back to their room. Anyway, to kill more time and hoping there might be a moment, he hung out with Caitlin. A moment that might be magical with Caitlin. But he was beginning to think everything might be more magical to him than anyone else.

"So you know how to use that thing?" He'd put the fob on her key chain.

"Pretty sure." She nodded.

He watched her. Was she just shy or did she hate him? He kept waiting for a sign, but it didn't look like it would be tonight. She got the door to open.

"Well." She looked at him and then at the pitch black room. A tiny window up high barely let the street light in.

Zeke clicked on the light as if it were the gentleman thing to do. It was basically like any other room in the dorm. Thin and prison like. Small beds on each side of the room. A table in the middle for studying. To the right a dresser with a mirror and to the far right, a very tiny bathroom with a shower.

"I thought the window would be bigger." She stared at the window as if she'd need one to fly out of.

"Just like all the rest." He shrugged, hugging himself. He looked over at the empty bed. It was bare and not taken. Neither was the other. "Lucky." He smiled.

"What do you mean?" Caitlin looked at him.

"I hate my roommate." Zeke sighed that wasn't exactly true, but it was possible. "At least you won't have one tonight."

She nodded.

"Well, maybe I'll see you at breakfast." He looked at her then.

"I guess." She sighed as if she couldn't wait to be alone.

"Look, could I, I mean, I don't mean to sound like any other guy you'll bump into. But." What the hell, he took out a piece of paper. "Here's my number in case, you know, you need to talk or anything." There. He was trying not to be too pushy, but she might have thought of him more brotherly than anything.

"Thanks." She almost smiled. Almost. She pushed the door to, shutting him out. It locked automatically. It was then Zeke wondered if she didn't smile at all. Maybe she never smiled. Maybe she couldn't. Maybe he'd met a girl with Asperger's. God, he was in love with a girl who had Asperger's.


ellie said...

Odd, the things that go through your head when you first meet someone.

the oaks said...

Sounds like things are overwhelming to him too. Wow, interesting last sentence.

simon n josh said...

very interesting take on dormlife with a roomie...and looking for a girl.

Clare said...

Cool blog, I like it!

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Romany said...

Ah, don't we all know the feeling...
Well-written and interesting, nice! Are you interested in being a writer?
Btw, is your profile pic the actress who plays Ann in Arrested Development by any chance? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me haha.

Berlin said...

Thanks =)

daydreaminblue said...

wow, you write this? it's really well written and interesting...i read them all eagerly in ten minutes!

great idea for a blog, love it xx

CL, said...

this is such an interesting passage, i love it! you are such a talented writer :)

Glam Girl said...

Nice writing!