Sunday, April 25, 2010


"Are you OK?" Smed asked Megan after they got through the shift.

She sat there on the bench by the lockers. Craig had ignored her, completely. As if she were nothing. Never had been. It was so cold and ugly. She knew it was her fault. But still, she hate him. He made it so easy now. Megan looked up at Smed, nodded and then she slowly let the tears slip down her face. Cried like a little girl, she supposed.

"Well, maybe he just did it-" Smed sat by her. His shoulder touched hers. She didn't budge. It was kind of nice.

"No. No. Its suppose to be like this. It is. I don't like him." She told him. Which was true. She didn't like the way he drove his truck. Or how he ordered her around. Told her what she could and couldn't wear. Really, he was like living with some guy from the Old Country, she guessed. She never said anything back to him, because it was suppose to be like that. There were things she was suppose to like about their relationship that she'd never gotten used too. Never. And she'd decided she didn't want to. Still, it was so hard to get used to. Not having someone there for her. Why was it so hard, being alone?

"I'm OK. Really." She tried to smile. "I'll get use to it. I kept wondering what it would be like if-if I saw him, you know. But I-I-" She shook her head.

Smed just nodded, and looked away. She wiped the tears with her apron. Just then some really fat girl came into to the locker room to pick him up.

"What happened to you?" She gave Megan a scowl.

"Molly, not now." Smed shot her a look.

"But she looks awful. So sick, you know. I hope you're not sick." Molly winced.

"Molly, just shut up. Leave her alone." Smed got up then, and looked back at Megan. "Meggie's fine. OK, she's just fine."

Megan looked at him. Nobody had ever called her Meggie. Megan almost smiled. She looked at them both as they left. Megan then smiled. It was kind of sweet. Smed was seeing someone fat. He had a fat girlfriend. Why, did she like that about him? Suddenly, she really liked what she saw in him. Someone who wasn't afraid in this cookie-cutter world. Megan found herself almost laughing, softly.


ellie said...

I liked how she only saw what she wanted to see and didn't pay any attention to what he was really saying to Molly.

Holly said...

Interesting how she sees Smed.

so jade said...

Wow, funny what Molly says to her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wonder if a love triangle between Megan, Caitlin, and Smed is going to arise now. :/

kirstyb said...

love it x

simon n josh said...

I think Megan might actually want Smed.

lily said...

oh, I think he might be the one.

ivy's closet said...

Who could that Molly be?

misty said...

That was amusing. I think Molly is interesting too.

Ee Leen Lee said...

tension is bubbling away indeed