Friday, April 23, 2010

back to square 1

"I don't understand you." Nora called Caitlin the next day. "You have like, this guy who's so into you, and..and you ignore him like he's some idiot dog, you can't stand."

"No, I don't." Caitlin winced. That was not true. It was not. She didn't see him, that into her. Exactly. They were friends. Zeke was a study partner. Someone to see at breakfast and talk to. That's what this was. Just nothing, really. This was no like a full blown summer fling.

Not that Caitlin had ever had one and wasn't trying to have one. This was being at school. Someone she knew at school.

"Well, don't let him get away." Nora informed her.

"I'm not." Caitlin laughed.

"I'm serious. He's like ultimate boyfriend material. Don't go for the bad boy. Please. He's nice. He's sweet." Nora explained.

"I guess." Caitlin wasn't sure she wanted to know the truth. Not yet. Studying was about to get the best of her, anyway. She barely had time for anything. She had to do amazing in this class or her Dad would be mad. This was what she wanted. To be away from her family. She didn't want to be their little princess, anymore. She wanted to be on her own. And it would take excellent grades to be on her own.

"I'm just telling you. Don't ignore him. You'll wish you hadn't." Nora said it like a bad omen. Caitlin didn't want to think about what Nora said.


ellie said...

Its good Caitlin is staying focused. Its hard to keep a balance with friends and everyone.

Aury said...

Caitlin shouldn't jump into a relationship if she's not sure it's what she wants. I'm glad she's got her priorities straight.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just hope Caitlin doesn't let anyone pressure her into a relationship. She has to do what feels right to her. :)

Cait said...

Nora seems to care, but not sure she's caring the right way.

Joellen said...

I'm in the same boat as Caitlin, I need to focus on my grades so I can get out of the house! I don't think she should jump into anything she doesn't hold importance to yet.

a jacob's tale said...

I hate those situations..and especially, when friends are the authorities.

so jade said...

so much to focus we can see about the troubles of this on Degrassi..hehehee..