Thursday, April 29, 2010

like it really is

"If I were you," Owen informed Zeke. "That girl's expiration would be up. Move on, will you. Find a girl who wants you. Unless, you're covering something up. Are you gay?"

"What?" There was a tickle of laughter in Zeke's throat. They were in their dorm-room, and Owen was getting ready to go out. Zeke felt he'd been put on the spot. "Uh, no."

"Then stop acting like it." Owen snapped Zeke on the butt with his towel then. Zeke looked back at Owen thinking that was kind of gay, but he didn't say anything. Zeke grabbed his art history book and fell back on his bed with it to read.

"I like Caitlin. I do." Zeke nodded. "We talk."

"Well, you haven't talked her into sleeping with you, yet. How many chances have you had now? Shit, you've even been to her room like a million times. She's just not into you. Let me set you up with someone, who definitely would at least give you something."

"I dunno." Zeke winced as he tried to read. "Caitlin's special, you know."

"As in special ed.?" Owen winced as he put on cologne, that was far to spicy for  Zeke's nostrils.

"She might have some social issues." Zeke shrugged.

"God, what are you doing with a retard." Owen winced.

"I didn't say that." Zeke looked up at him.

"Well, damaged, then." Owen nodded. "You gotta let her go. Its college, man. This is where you find real women. Leave that special case, alone. You gotta get in the game. Pronto."

Zeke sucked in a breath. He didn't want to listen to Owen talk about Caitlin that way, but he didn't stop him, either. Just listening to Owen made him sick of himself. Maybe he was the one really scared of being in college. Perhaps Caitlin was holding him back because he wanted her too. He didn't want to think about these thoughts in his head.

He watched Owen leave.

"Don't wait up for me now." He smiled doing his little sex dance.

The door shut. Zeke threw his book against the door and hugged his pillow then. What if nothing ever happened with him and Caitlin?


so jade said...

I'm glad he's not like Owen.

ellie said...

I liked the opening line of Owen's.

izzy and dev said...

I feel sad for Zeke, but I like that he still wants Caitlin and wouldn't want her the way Owen talks of her.

fan fic said...

There seem to be people like this in our lives. They think they know best, but not always.

jeremy's turn said...

Its not always easy being the roommate.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Owen is just trying to get Zeke out of a funk. Maybe he should just take his advice and move on. :/

the oaks said...

Owen does have a point.

Sara Lynn said...

lol I really like Owen! :)

Berlin said...

Haha, the cologne and the slap on the butt part is really funny! Thanks for the support =)