Sunday, April 4, 2010

no advice of their own

"Maybe you should look for another job." It sounded like the logical thing to Caitlin to do.

"I have. I do apply places. Really." Megan informed her on the phone.

Caitlin was trying to clear up her side of the table, as it was, her roommate was a no show. But she still acted as if she could show at any moment. She wanted to keep her space clean. She smiled then, thinking how Megan was worried about this job. Usually, it was Craig she was worried about.

"So how are things going with what's his face?"

"You mean Zeke?" Caitlin guessed.

"Yes, it sounds like he's a keeper. If he's as half as nice as you say." Megan decided.

"Well, I see him just at breakfast." She told her.

"Just at breakfast?"

"Well, sometimes, I see him at dinner." Caitlin shrugged. OK she ate with him at lunch too. "But it doesn't mean a thing. Anyway, I have this thing coming up with Nora and June."

"Nora and June?" Megan questioned.

"Yes, its not really a date. They said I could bring someone." Caitlin wasn't that excited about it.

"Well, bring Zeke then." Megan sounded more excited about it than she did.

"I guess I could." Caitlin said so somber. "I'm just not sure how he feels about lesbians."

"Well, you better ask him. I don't want you alone with them." Megan informed her.

"That is so funny." Caitlin laughed then. Just what sort of image did Megan have going on in her head.


ellie said...

I'm glad they are communicating. Its good for them to talk. It'll be intersting about Nora and June.

the oaks said...

I'm wondering about Nora and June. Interesting names.

Romany said...

Haha Megan's worried. I also wonder what sort of image she has in her mind.
My birthday is in June! As a result, that name always makes me excited. Haha, sorry I'm just a little child.
p.s. your crepes sounded incredible! And yes I was wondering about Clash of the Titans - I'm getting pretty sick of remakes etc, I wish they would just stop.

Jamie said...

Thanks so much, I like your blog.
Maybe we can follow each?

Maxie said...

hi! nice blog,good writing

Meg said...

I think it would be awkward for Caitlin if she just went with Nora and June. Like a third wheel.