Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nora and June

Nora and June had their own place. Actually, it was June's because June was already older and successful in college, already. She'd spent last summer in the Congo, or some place close to it. Well, Caitlin was trying to tell Zeke all this, while he was driving to find their place.

"But didn't Nora just graduate too? Like you?" Zeke almost looked at Caitlin but kept his eyes on the street. They were both looking for a brownstone.

"Um, yeah, but she moved out on her own like 6 weeks before school was out. She and her Mom had a fight."

"About June?" Zeke sounded a little nervous.

"I don't think so. Something about not keeping her room clean, I think. But they get along great now." Caitlin sighed as the nerves were getting to her too. She wasn't sure what to expect, nor what Nora would expect out of her, either.

To their surprise a nice vegan Sunday brunch was waiting for them.

"I don't cook." Nora said right away.

"No, we spared you. Really." June was all smiles, with her arm around Nora. A kiss on the cheek. It was all smiles out on the shady patio at the old house where they lived. Caitlin couldn't imagine already having her own place.

"It was my grandmother's." June told them while they were eating. "I just lucked out."

"No, you didn't." Nora spoke up for her. "She's so talented. First she was a nurse, now she wants to be a doctor."

"It'll take forever." June assured everyone as she passed around the avocado salad once more.

Honestly, Caitlin hadn't thought it would be this much fun.

"What, you were thinking? They'd be biker chicks?" Zeke grinned as they walked around their yard. Of course, there was a motorcycle in the driveway.

Caitlin just grinned. She supposed they could be that too. Anyway, it was kind of shocker that Nora would be so grownup in such a grownup place. It was really nice and peaceful. Caitlin had to admit, she liked June. Maybe it was June who kept Nora grounded. No far off talk of wanting to walk across Canada or being in a girl band. She hadn't even gotten a tattoo yet.

"Oh, we're getting them." Nora said as their afternoon was coming to an end. "We just haven't decided on what kind yet. But when we do. You'll have to come along so we can celebrate."

Caitlin just shook her head. Some things never changed about Nora.


ellie said...

Maybe she and nora can be friends again too.

Ivyoaks said...

June sounds so great.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I would love to be a part of this group of friends; everyone sounds so fun! :)

lily said...

I'm glad it went well.

Meg said...

I'm glad they all had fun!

Holly said...

so sweet. its good for her to get out more.

Jamie said...

Thanks so much!
great thay have fun


ivy's closet said...

aw, I think they could all be really good friends.

another skin said...

Looks like a good time by all.

Romany said...

Zeke's comment about them being biker chicks made me laugh!
p.s. your comment about the twitter bird was so adorable.