Tuesday, April 6, 2010

suppose so

Caitlin felt she was no more help to Megan. Anymore, than Megan had soothed her fears about seeing Nora, again. It was complicated.

Yes, she knew Nora when she wasn't gay. When they played Barbies and had tea-parties. When  they had something in common. Hannah Montana. To thing that was best friends stuff back then. Oh, such a silly time. She sort of missed it. But it would be so childish if they were both still liked that. Yet, Nora was a mean soccer player. She was good at sports. Unlike Caitlin who could see their friendship fading fast. Then Nora moved. Then nothing.

Nothing. This would be nothing.

"Well, I could drive you." See, she didn't even have to ask Zeke if he wanted to go with her.

"You, have a car?" As it was, they walked everywhere around campus. Mostly to classes. They didn't have real adventures. But just the same, it was nice to have someone to walk with. It would be boring to anyone else, but this was the way it worked. Sleep. Eat. Study. Repeat. As it was, Caitlin was really getting into her two classes she was taking. It was mainly reading and testing, revising notes. But this was what she thought it would be. This was what she wanted. Not this extra stuff.

"Yeah." Zeke shrugged at lunch. He watched her bite into a carrot. She was determined not to add on the extra 15 pounds before the fall semester started.

"Huh." She looked at him wondering if she knew this Zeke, at all. The one with the car. Obviously, not. He might go out every night, for all she knew. She hadn't asked. Just like she didn't tell him she went on a run at 10 p.m. every night around the campus.

"If you want." Really, she didn't want to put any pressure on him. "You could just drop me off, if that would be easier."

"Well, OK."

"Or, you could come with me, but you know, you might have something to do." She shrugged.

"No, can't think of anything." He nodded.

Caitlin nodded back. Not sure if this really qualified as date, but she might be saving him from something. Like a very boring afternoon with Nora and June. He didn't have to go.


Berlin said...

Thanks, and nice story =)


Josie said...

This is charming. I'm going to read the whole thing tonight!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I can't wait for more from you!
xxoo Josie

ellie said...

aw, I'm glad he'll go with her.

ivy's closet said...

this'll be interesting.

Meg said...

I wonder how the outing iwll turn out. Like a double date?

jeremy and anna said...

wonder how this will turn out?