Thursday, April 1, 2010

that was then

OK, things were getting better. Caitlin supposed. Really, she didn't want to imply there was anything there with Zeke. It was good to have breakfast with him in the morning. Even if breakfast actually sucked at the cafeteria. They could still have coffee. It seemed the thing to do. Touch base, perhaps. A familiar face. Someone to talk to before facing the day. And of course, it was a long day, thick with notes and research. Finally, though, Caitlin felt like a grownup even if it was in an educated world.

But then her Mom called one day.

"What about Nora?" Her Mom reminded her.

"What about her?" Caitlin had forgot how her best friend in grade school was here. Somewhere. She hadn't been able to contact her yet. Maybe it was best they hadn't. It had been a long time. After all, Nora had moved away and changed. Yeah, that was a nice way of putting it.

"I told her, you would call." Her Mom told her she should have her number.

"Mom?" Caitlin was surprised.

"You go out with Nora or else." Her Mom persisted.

"But I don't even have her number." Why did parents think things were suppose to work out when Caitlin knew Nora would have no reason to see her again? Nora had a girlfriend. Nora had nothing in common with her anymore.


Romany said...

I hate it when parents force social situations like this - how can they be so cruel, eh?
Can't wait to hear more!
p.s. Charlotte is your dad's celeb crush! That's great, he has very chic taste haha!

mel said...

what a gorgeous blog;)
very sweet and true

Holly said...

aw..sweet pic..gotta wonder where this is going!

ellie said...

Parents have no clue what's going on ..sometimes.