Friday, April 16, 2010

throw caution to the wind


How was that thing? You didn't want to go to?

I SURVIVED THE LAKE. It was horrible.

Why didn't they tell me they were all gay! THEY ARE ALL GAY. Every one of them. But Smed.

Smed. This guy who remembers you. Yes, he does. He asked about you. Yes, he did. And he wants to e-mail you. Hope that's OK. You know, how you love e-mail. You love e-mail as long as its not a chain letter.

No. I did not give him your e-mail. OK. I lied. I did, but I don't think he'll e-mail you, unless you e-mail him first because he just doesn't seem like the type. What do I know, he probably can't put a sentence together. I guess you'll have to find out. You just have to e-mail him, first. Will, you please give this guy a break? Humor him. I work with him. He's not that bad. He didn't try to get my panties or anything. If you have time, he'd love to hear from you. Me, thinks.

I gotta hangover.

Keep it real.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Is that message for Caitlin? Ooh, in a way I hope she goes out with Smed; he doesn't seem like a bad guy. :)

ellie said...

oh he forged it?

the oaks said...

wow, what has he done? posing as Meg?