Monday, April 19, 2010

what's the deal

"So what actually happened?" Megan decided she wanted to know when she saw Smed at work.

"When? Where? What?" He winced as if she'd asked him to write a term paper on their adventure to the lake.

"You know." She pressed as she hugged herself. "About the party?" She glared at him.

"Yeah." He shrugged being more indifferent than usual. "So you got drunk."

"That's it?" She kept looking at him, waiting for a slip up.

"That's it." He gave her a sly smile. "I took you home. Put you to bed."

"Are you sure there wasn't anything else?" She squinted. She did not feel like working. He was already looking to see if they had enough cheeses and meat without having to open anything new.

"That was it." He looked her in the eye then.

"I wrote some crazy shit to Caitlin, evidently after you left." Megan kept glaring at him while he was cleaning up, when there was nothing to clean up on the counter.

"I wouldn't know. I wasn't there." He was certainly closed lip, she thought.

"Did you try to do anything to me?" She was concerned.

"No." He looked back at her with a scowl. "I didn't touch you. You seemed to have lost your flip-flops, I guess."

Megan shrugged, but she kept her eye on him. His wince was almost a wink. But he looked sad though, and she guessed it had nothing to do with her. Megan sighed. She had to let it go. At least, she didn't wake up in a stranger's bed. She guessed he was looking out for her. Maybe.


Clare said...

Getting interesting!

tweet tweet tweet


Meg said...

Smed's pretty good at keeping quiet.

Jamie said...

Realy cool

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm surprised Smed is so skilled at lying. :/

misty said...

He was sort of honest.

holly said...

I think she kind of likes him.

ellie said...

I think he's sweet, even if he's sly.

Winnie said...

Interesting! I guess Smed will come clean about that email eventually.

knk said...

very very interesting story

Berlin said...

Ooo, very interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


lily said...

I wonder if he'll be trouble or get in trouble.