Tuesday, May 11, 2010

can't let go

Caitlin didn't want to leave Zeke hanging. But what if this ruined their friendship. One kiss.

Of course, she'd only kissed a boy in first grade and that was such a shock, she said nothing for weeks after that.

"Maybe I'm too sensitive." She told Megan, later over the phone. "I just froze. And I couldn't say anything to Zeke. I just wanted to run away. But instead I acted as if nothing happened at all."

"Do you like him?" Megan questioned.

"Yes. No. I can't be serious about anyone, I can't." Caitlin cringed. "I just want to be friends. You know."

"You'll have to live with the consequences. Either way." Megan informed her. "You'll have to see him with other girls, if you just want to be friends. Can you live with that? How will you feel when he's with someone else? Just something to think about."

"God, Meg, I dunno what to do. I'm inexperienced." Caitlin thought she might have a melt down. At least she was in her room. She was digging through her messenger bag for a Snicker's candy bar just for a situation like this, perhaps.

"Then get experienced." Megan's answer was so cold and indifferent. "Cait, Its time to grow up."

Caitlin winced at the thought. But she was right. She was so right. She just didn't want to mess this up with Zeke.


simon and josh said...

Megan is being a bit ominious in that conversation.

Sara Lynn said...

Oh it is getting better and better! Lol I want that snickers! :P

ellie said...

Well, it wouldn't be easy to figure out what to do.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Confusion abound. Situations like this are always full of that. :/

Jeremy's turn said...

Meg is juat a wee bit caloused there.

so jade said...

Caitlin is definitely stressed.

ivy's interview with jordon said...

Oh..I'd be ready for a candy bar too.

Here's my interview with Jordon.