Saturday, May 22, 2010

it could be an adventure

"I knew. I just knew it." Zeke fumed. When he heard Caitlin was going out with Derrick, it irritated him to no end. Why had he even tried anything with her? Obviously, she didn't like him that way and never would.

"Just forget her, man. She's not worth it. She's just a kid. You need to be seeing real women." Owen informed him, and he had numbers everywhere. "Let me set you up."

Zeke didn't want to be set up.

He still managed some quality time with Caitlin at breakfast and lunch. But was it really quality time? They talked about class. Or the weather. Stupid mundane things. God, he hated this.

What he wanted were long nights of kissing and watching the sun come up. OK, that wasn't all. But it was a start. It was her saying that she would be there for him in everything. And he would say the same. They'd do day trips. Weekend camping. Yeah, he wanted to make love in the forest with Caitlin. Definitely, a far off dream, right now.

"You are really lame, man." Owen laughed at him.

Zeke felt like a fool telling him any of this.

"You need to get laid, so bad." Owen shook his head. "All I have to do is put out the word that you're a virgin, and the rest is history."

"Don't do that!" Zeke winced. "Please, no. I can wait this out with Caitlin. She's the one. I just know it."

"Yeah, and that would be like the blind leading the blind, now wouldn't it?" Owen was concerned about Zeke's plight.

"So." Really, that's the way Zeke wanted it. They'd get to their destination in their own sweet time. He was in no hurry. OK, maybe he was with this Derrick obstacle in the way.

"Don't you want to be experienced?" Owen gave Zeke a pat on the back. "Just leave it to me." Suddenly, Owen was his mentor. It gave Zeke a repulsive shiver to think of the unknown.


fan fic said...

Owen is just so helpful.

ellie said...

Oh, Owen. What will Zeke do.

the oaks said...

I dunno if Owen has the perfect solution or not.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Owen is a bit of a troublemaker if you ask me - he thinks he knows all...not really sure if he does. :/

he and him said...

I am not sure Owen is that helpful.

Fenny said...

Owen looks like helping-angel. He's kind.

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Zeke. I feel bad, if they both only knew..

Romany said...

It really sucks that guys can't talk about sentimental things like this with each other...really missing out.
Very curious to see where this goes now.
p.s. yes Sex and the City has become completely materialistic recently! It's very, very sad to see how far it's come from the cool, edgy, sexy show it was when it first started all those years ago...

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Owen needs to brush up on a thing or two, don't you think?;-)