Wednesday, May 5, 2010

just because

"Really?" Zeke couldn't think of anything else to say when Caitlin told him about the job. Where was I, he wondered. How could that be, a job? "You mean, he just gave it to you? Don't you have to go through applications and the financial aid stuff, to get a job like that?" He questioned. Just didn't feel right to him, some how.

"Guess not." She shrugged as they walked toward the student union building, to take a load off before walking to the cafeteria for lunch. "I was, you know, out running-"

"Running? You went out running? When?" Just one more thing she wasn't telling him. What else was she keeping from him?

"Yeah, last night." It was no big deal to her.

"Last night?" Zeke squinted.

She glared at him seriously as if he were the one with the problem.

"Oh." He didn't want her to think he was trying to keep tabs on her, but if she knew he'd been pretty much pining in his room for her. Well, she'd just think he was a load of shit. Or strange. He sighed then. "Good." He nodded. "I'm glad you got it. The job."

She talked about this Derrick then. He wanted to tell her not to trust him. Something. But he couldn't. He was probably an all right guy. Nothing there to discuss. He had to keep his mouth shut. He gritted a smile.

"Thanks." She smiled perfectly. Yet he felt so sad. Sad of what would come. He would lose her sooner, instead of later. Evidently. He rubbed his index finger on his bottom dry lip.

"I'll just have to bug you, sometime." Yeah, that's what he'd do. He'd be around. Not like he'd try to make her jealous. Not like she was going off on a cruise or working for a fashion magazine. She would be right there in the dorm. It was a slight relief. But this Derrick, he might be competition.

They were in the sun room, close to the coffee shop and book store. The window let in the sunny morning.

"Yeah, you do that." Her smile was open then. He watched her lips. Leaning in, he waited for the moment.

He would look no where else. Just do it. Do it now. Or forever hold your peace. It felt so real. It was as if their lips might bump into each other. And then it happened. His lips met hers. Suspended. Like wings on a cloud. Perhaps.

She just cleared her throat afterwards and bit her bottom lip. Zeke had no idea if this was a good or a bad sign.


degrassi after hours said...

that would have been an odd moment.

ellie said...

darn, too bad one kiss just doesn't do the trick.

fan fic said...

wow, possibly..too awkward. kissing in a public place. of course, its never stopped me. =D

jeremy's turn said...

at least he made his move.

knk said...

lovely word formation very romantic
looks they both enjoyed nice story

so jade said...

I hope he didn't try to hard.

simon n josh said...

The first kiss is always sort of awkward.

axel said...

she's shy.

Meg said...

I wonder if Caitlin will kiss him back.

Berlin said...
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Berlin said...

Hmm hmm, I wonder what will happen next.

With cherries and cream,

Cafe Fashionista said...

It would have been better if he made his move in a more...private location. :/

Josie said...

First kisses in private places are honestly just the worst idea... You have to be pretty sure things are going to work out!
xxoo Josie

Ee Leen Lee said...

now this post shows an intriguing development

thanks for commenting on my blogpost- yes a lot of my friends were scared of clowns after 'IT'