Saturday, May 1, 2010

just a run

Summer had definitely arrived. But Caitlin could feel what was left of spring still rising from the earth as she went for a run around campus in the sweet night air. She was trying to stay away from those extra 15 pounds as much as possible. Only, Zeke wasn't too helpful in that area. He was always bringing her something. An ice cream, candy bar. Usually, things that his mother sent him from home. He always liked to share.

It made her smile when she thought about how good he was. He was definitely good. And she wanted to keep him that way. But he was definitely not helping in the calorie department. So she did her nightly run. Usually around ten. Just twenty to thirty minutes. Nothing hard about it. Usually, though, by the time she got back she was in a sweat and ready for a shower and bed.

Of course, the first person she always met in the lobby was the frizzy haired guy at the desk. She tried her best to sneak by him. After all, she didn't want him to look up from his book and be horrified. But he caught her out of the corner of his eye as she edged toward the stairwell.

"Oh, its you." He smiled.

"Uh?" She looked at him puzzled. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No." He kept staring though. She took her ponytail down.

Caitlin just nodded, trying not to take up his time.

"Um, would you?" He took his time spitting it out. She waited, wondering if she might over react to his question as she felt a bit wobbly in her gray sweat pants and Save Ferris T-shirt. "Would you like a job? I mean, I never see you go anywhere. You know, and well, this job came up. Somebody is going to Spain now and can't keep the hours." He gestured as if it were no big deal, but still it was fun to watch him talk with his hands.

"What is it?" She smiled, hoping it didn't involve cleaning toilets, but at this point she might do that for money. She did need a job.

"Its the lounge. You just oversee the lounge. Its not a big deal." He shrugged.

"Oh. There's a lounge?" She winced.

"You haven't been to the lounge?" He chuckled. "Not that its a really happening place. But you know, you can study, play games. Eat. Just chill with the TV.

How oblivious was she?

"Come on, I'll show you." He grinned.

The room was right around the corner under the stairwell. A big room with old fluffy couches, tables, vending machines, a snack bar for coffee drinks and shakes, and of course, a TV.

Caitlin looked at the room. She didn't know what to think. He must have thought she was stupid.

"Look, most week nights we open it from 3 to 10. But with no one here, you know, whatever. Do you want it?"

"Yeah." She didn't even ask the pay.

"Good." He smiled. He shook her hand. "Oh, I'm Derrick, by the way."


ellie said...

a job. that sounds great.

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cait said...

what an opportunity.

fan fic said...

Cool about job.

degrassi after hours said...

Hope it works out.

Holly said...

He sounds interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am eager to see where this leads. :/