Friday, May 7, 2010

like everyone else

Smed was looking at the clock. No one was coming. She wasn't coming. He'd decided. He'd ironed his shirt for nothing.

He wished he'd hear from Caitlin, but he guess it was best to stop wishing because that hadn't happened yet.

Nothing was ever going to happen. Final destination. Or so it felt. He couldn't get into ITT Tech. It was too expensive. There wasn't enough financing to help. According to his brother, anyway. He told him to forget it. It was hopeless. If only he could lose himself in a stupid video game, but he couldn't. He had to remain miserable, obviously.

The door bell rang.

"Look, who's here." Molly was all grins. She went to the door, it was Megan and she wore a dress. A breezy summer dress. Party dress, perhaps, with the spaghetti straps. She looked as if she'd walked through a field of flowers. She was carrying a basket. There was a present for Smed's brother. And she'd brought wine.

"How did you get that?" Smed looked at it immediately.

"Lets not dwell on it." Molly smiled more, taking the wine to put in the fridge.

"It was at home. I took it." Megan didn't say why and Smed was afraid to know.

"Thanks for coming." Smed shrugged then.

"You look nice." Megan smiled then.

"You do too." He grinned. No hair nets involved. They didn't smell of pickles and onions.

"So what are you doing?" She asked.

"Nothing." Which was true. He was moping, but he didn't want her to know.

Molly put on some music and Megan followed Smed into the big diningroom. There were a few people over. His brother's friends. They were watching Dolby and Molly do the two-step to Nickelback. Suddenly, everyone was on the floor dancing. Smed shook his head as if it were the most ridiculous thing ever, but it was as if Megan expected them the follow. Smed took a deep breath and off they went to make the steps like everyone else.

He'd never really liked to dance until now. She made everything calm and ready to move forward. He finally let himself smile as he felt the weight of the small of her back press against his palm. Before he knew it, they were gliding, whirling, moving in an emotion he'd never quite found the joy of, until now.


catwalk criminal said...

thanks for comment.
nice blog ♥

a jacob black's tale said...

maybe things are turning around for him.

ellie said...

That was good that she was there for him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed and Megan seem so perfect for each other. :)

Holly said...

I like them together. Maybe she needs him too.

Sara Lynn said...

Aww hooray for Smed! Looks like things might be getting better :)

misty said...

Its good to see them happy.

the oaks said...

That was a sweet moment.

fan fic said...

looks like something might happen between those 2.