Monday, May 24, 2010

oh, it could be great

Megan didn't want Caitlin to think she was a nut. Megan almost mentioned Smed when she called her. Almost. But she didn't because Megan had to ask her all these questions about her date with this Derrick.

"What about Zeke?" Megan wondered if Caitlin even cared. "I thought you liked him?"

"Sort of, but, you know, he's like the first guy I met here and..and..I just wouldn't want to mess up our friendship." Caitlin sighed.

Megan rolled her eyes. Well, she'd certainly blown her friendship with Smed. No pun intended. She hugged herself now in her room. Alone. She looked at the bed where they'd been. She was so close to wanting all of him.

Megan felt a little sick. She hadn't really thought of Smed at all. Anyone would have done. But there was this slight thought that he hadn't been with anyone. So how would he know if she were good or bad. She thought of Craig and how he used to tell her all the time that she was no fun at all. She made everything a chore. But this. This was so spontaneous. It couldn't have been that awful. Of course, Smed had been in shock more than anything else.

Had he said don't? She didn't think he had said it. She didn't know now.

"Megan, or you still there?" She heard Caitlin's voice.

"Yeah, I'm still here. You have some fun with that Derrick, OK? Please. Do something. Experiment, will you. Just stop being so damn serious. Well, just have fun, OK. Just have some fun." Of course, Megan had no idea what she was doing with Smed.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Fun and experimentation is all well and good as long as you're smart about it. :)

Sara Lynn said...

I feel bad for Meg.

he and him said...

Megan should think a little more before she does some of these things.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Megan hasn't said to much to Caitlin.

the oaks said...

dunno about that meg, sometimes.

Berlin said...

Haha, yeah- experiment =)
And, thanks for the comment.
Very busy again as you know.

Cows playing tic-tac,

axel said...

each had to take care of themselves.

Josie said...

Ohhh, Megan. Fun is great until someone gets hurt.
xxoo Josie

Romany said...

"Well, she'd certainly blown her friendship with Smed. No pun intended." - hahahahahahahahaha!

Oh and I guess what I meant by my post was that these editors are using 'sex' to 'sell' their magazine. And haha, I didn't even considering the possibility of a chainsaw murderer approaching the two models - they better watch out! ;)

Fenny said...

Oh Megan! You should be thinking what will happened

Berlin said...

Morning =)

Just dropping by saying thanks for the lovely comment. An illustrator for kids books? Hmm, don't know =)

Monkeys singing,

Meg said...

I hope Meg figures out what she's doing and does string Smed along.