Sunday, May 30, 2010

slightly French

It was something French. The movie. Caitlin felt a mess. Her hair didn't do a thing she wanted it to. But from the get go, Derrick took her hand as if she meant more to him than a mere casual acquaintance. She just looked at what was happening, for sometime. It felt foreign to her. Really, she wasn't used to hand holding. She guessed it was OK.

"You don't mind, do you?" He asked while they were waiting in line at the old cinema. The movie he talked about was not showing. It was something else. Jacquou le croquant.

"No." She guessed she didn't. It was just unexpected. Her smile was weak. But his was encouraging. There was just something sophisticated in his demeanor. She almost caught herself laughing.

"Whats so funny?" His eyes were so intense, and he was so tall and he slouched so, just to be near her. It made her smile. All these little things. She didn't know exactly why. But she thought she might be glad to be with him.

Soon enough, they had all the essentials. Drinks. Popcorn. Even cherry twizzlers. And he had his arm around her as if they always did it this way.

"Its great to find someone who loves French films." He shrugged. "I keep meeting the wrong people." He assured her then. He was quiet once the movie started. There was Gaspard Ulliel on the screen. She'd always wanted to meet someone so sexy like that. Honestly, she thought she knew exactly how Gaspard smelled even now. Tobacco and cinnamon. Something like that.

"I bet he smokes a lot to keep that thin." Derrick mentioned.

Caitlin almost laughed as she looked at Derrick wondering just what did he do to keep so thin. Was he worried that she wasn't thin enough? She tried not to let it bug her, but he had brought it up. It was so hard to get into the movie with him by her side. She thought he tried to smell her hair once or was he trying to kiss her?

It was baffling. And she was so unaware of many things as she looked around wondering if Zeke were watching her. But she didn't see him. She felt a little sad that he wasn't there, but she was sure she would have had a panic attack if he were. Still, she knew this could have been more fun if she hadn't had so much on her mind.


ellie said...

first dates are so hard.

ivy's closet said...

He's kind of odd..but I like him.

Sara Lynn said...

I get the feeling of her uneasiness. I hope she gets more confidence soon, she worries a lot.

so jade said...

sometimes we read too much into things.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish she wouldn't worry so much! :/

Aury said...

I agree with Cafe Fashionista. They seem really cute and she just needs to relax.