Monday, June 7, 2010

accept it

She wasn't going to tell him. She was a no show at breakfast. Zeke wasn't hungry, anyway. He went on to class, but by morning break he was faltering fast. He made a quick stop at the campus coffee shop and grabbed a chicken salad sandwich and an iced tea.

"What are you doing all alone?" Someone came up from behind him.

Zeke looked over his shoulder to see it was June with a tray of fruit. She sat down beside him.

"Oh." Zeke didn't know what to say. He'd never seen her, even on campus. This was kind of strange, but OK.

"Where's Cait?" She looked at him as if he might need extra nourishment. She handed him over some pineapple and melon.

"I guess at class." Zeke tried to smile. "She's busy these days with her job, and-and she met someone."

"She did?" June looked at him with concern. "But what about you two?"

"It never really was, you know, you two." Zeke tried to laugh, but it hurt to laugh. He could hardly eat. He chewed on some melon so he wouldn't have to talk.

"I bet she wakes up soon." June told him. "She'll be back. You two were good for each other."

Zeke just nodded. He didn't see it happening. He felt he'd lost her in a sea of people, and it would never be quite as simple as it had been. Just friends, yet never quite that again, either.


Fenny said...

Juni, you are too honest but good listeners. Poor Zeke.

Meg said...

I feel for Zeke. You can never go back to being just friends.

so jade said...

Its freaky how that is..sometimes, I guess it depends on friends.

jeremy's turn said...

friendship can be extra hard, especially the 1st year of college.

Josie said...

Ohhhhh, poor Zeke! I'm heartbroken for him.
xxoo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said... heart goes out to Zeke right now! :(

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Zeke! I hope it gets better for him. I like June, she is very sweet.