Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hit me back

Are you OK?

You don't sound OK.

I just remember you having the right answers to everything. We were in chemistry. Obviously, not much chemistry between us. Anyway, I'm Smed. Kind of dishwater blond messy hair individual, who kept to himself, mostly. I guess.

Doubt you remember me.

And now, I work with Megan. I can't believe she's lasted here the last couple of months. But maybe she likes it.

I just hope you're OK. And I think I know what might have happened. And if you think it was wrong, or you know, really upset about what happened. Then, you should maybe go to the emergency room. Or at least call a hotline. Maybe someone in your dorm could help.

Really, I didn't mind the letter. You can e-mail me again if you want.




Cafe Fashionista said...

What is this leading up to? :/

misty said...

I just think Smed is a good guy.

so jade said...

I can see he's worried.

lucy and sarah said...

really, quite he tells her who he is. So bitter sweet.

ellie said...

Yes, I do wonder how this will all pan out.

Josie said...

I love Smed. Love him. Obsessed.
xxoo Josie

fan fic said...

Yeah, I love him too!!

Fenny said...

Very sad

Sara Lynn said...

aww he is so sweet, I really like him. I hope she responds. I am glad he is giving her advice :)

Aury said...

THIS is soo sweet of him. YAY Smed!

Berlin said...

Hmm, I'm tend to be skeptic..
All I say is: Is Smed honest?

Thanks for stopping by =)

Gummy bears dancing,