Friday, June 25, 2010

nothing to think about

"What?" Derrick looked at Caitlin so innocently. "Is there a problem?"

"No." Caitlin was caught off guard. Perhaps. Well, a little, about the question about how it was when they were together. "Of course not." It was just she wasn't sure how she really felt about him. Exactly. It was different. And she supposed she was just naive. She certainly wasn't going to ask if that always happened on a first date. Maybe it did. For all she knew. It was just new. Really, new to her. "I'm OK." She smiled.

"Good." He put his arm around her and they kissed. Instantly, his hand was under her T-shirt, and she had no idea what to do or where this might be going. Perhaps the first time was an ice breaker or something. As it was she hadn't exactly found her way around his kiss. And of course, she remembered how Zeke's lips were. His eyes. Like the ocean. She could have sank into them so easily. But she didn't. It was as if she had to fight it even if she hadn't really wanted to.

But Derrick smelled oddly sweet. Kind of tangy and maybe even a little smoky. Caitlin's eyes brightened. Was he using drugs? Passed through her mind as they kissed. No, no, she wouldn't think it. Not him. Not Derrick. Not the guy who could talk nonstop about his theories about LOST and other insane ideas about TV shows that Caitlin could never remember the names of.

They were in her room on her bed. A red bandanna on the lamp shade to set the mood. Some jazz played softly on the clock radio. He kept pressing in. She soothed her nerves, seeing Zeke's eyes. His smile. His face. Finally she laid back and didn't think of Derrick anymore. It was like he wasn't even here, but he was.


ellie said...

I dunno, just doesn't seem right.

simon and josh said...

Things are getting hot in here, but she's with the wrong guy if she feels that way.

Holly said...

oh, lord...what is she doing with him then?

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's making a mistake. :(

Berlin said...

Oh wow..

Spilling beans,

ori said...

I dunno, she needs to follow her heart.

lucy and sarah said...

I would seriously think about calling it quits with this guy.