Friday, June 11, 2010

once smitten

Promise you won't mention any of this to Megan because she thinks I lead such a shelter life, anyway.

I guess I'm OK. I mean, it wasn't exactly what you might think it might be. It was just... I've never done that before. He didn't hurt me. Derrick's just kind of different than I thought. It just takes some getting used to, and I don't want to talk about it. Sorry, I over reacted.

I'm trying to remember you. I am. And the first person I thought of, when you mentioned your hair is this friend of mine. Zeke. Of course, we aren't really talking at the moment. I just wished things hadn't changed between us. But they have now. And, well, I'm seeing Derrick. Who never shuts up once he starts talking. Then I'll say, Oh, well, thanks..thinking its the end of our date. But its not. Its like everything goes to the next level. And its not easy to keep up with him, sometimes. The way he kisses. Like he wants everything. Now. I just feel like I'm under his control. I've never been with someone like him. OK, I never had a boyfriend.

Like you wanted to hear that.

I shouldn't write you. I know. But I feel like I need to, at least write about it. And I want to press send because I want to hear from you.

So how are you, anyway?




Romany said...

Smed is Johnny from the OC, right?
Ah, poor Caitlin. In such a state right now...god I have so much to catch up on!
My mum LOVES Adam Lambert - what's he like live? He's quite a character. I haven't started the new job just yet, but I'm looking. Waitress jobs, mostly. Everyone is saying not to get into waitressing, but I'm quite excited about it. :D

lucy and sarah said...

guys are complicated.

ellie said...

she wrote back..hmmmm....

Josie said...

Ohhhh, Caitlin. So much angst. I swear, these people have the most exciting lives -- I'm kind of jealous.
xo Josie

Sara Lynn said...

I hope that this continues, it seems to make both of them happy and it would be great if they were.

Aury said...

Everything seems pretty harmless...for now

knk said...

hi friend thanks for lovely comment

hey i am fine,

my weeken is started very boring

i wish you have great weekend enjoy take care

Cafe Fashionista said...

A part of me is happy that she wrote back. Maybe she needs him...even just a little bit. :)

knk said...

hi haooy moday take care see you soon dear