Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pushing on

What was happening? Really happening? Megan felt she was wondering around the grocery store, pushing a cart, not even remembering what she came for.

She didn't want to think about Smed, but he was the best part of the day. There were no groceries at home. She found her mother practically on fire while sitting on the couch watching TV. She was drunk. again. And for the first time, she really thought of her mom becoming a skelton. Her mom was slowly slipping away from her.

Yes, of course, she called her Dad about it, and he didn't do anything. He might as well have hung up on her. It was devastating. All he said was that they needed to be out of the house. It was for sale and it would sale better if people weren't in it.

"What!" She didn't understand. He was such a bastard now with his own agenda. "What about me?"

"You've got Craig," he'd said as if that were the key to everything. She fought tears now as she reached for milk in the massive fridge case at the grocery store. She looked up then to see Craig. But he wasn't following her. He was with someone else. Someone older, and she had a little boy with her.

Megan winced, thinking she was seeing things. But Craig had moved on. Perhaps this woman had always been there for him by the looks of things. Megan thought she might have a seizure of some kind. She pushed on. Trying to think what looked good to eat, but she'd lost her appetite.


Aury said...

Whats going on with Craig?

Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel horrible for Megan right now. :(

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Megan! I am intersted in what is up with Craig.

knk said...

oh looks megan was an innocent girl poor girl
CRAIG becomes bad

ediot said...

thanks for your comment. wish you a great week

xx ediot

Meg said...

Gosh, I feel so bad for Megan.

Berlin said...

What a pity.

Aliens stealing cheese,

Josie said...

I feel so terrible for Megan -- poor girl.
xo Josie

izzy and dev said...

I hope Meg can cope.

knk said...

hi meg how are you
i am so happy to see you back

take care enjoy have a great day