Tuesday, July 13, 2010

99 balloons and then some

There was a lot less talking than Zeke ever imagined. He was still not sure what conclusion to come to. Exactly.

OK. Yes. The sex. Maybe like a fury of some sort. He didn't really stop to ask. Which was a good thing, as he thought on it now. It might not have happened. Otherwise. It just did.

He felt a might silly about it, now. Although, kind of bad. But not really. She was seeing this Derrick, wasn't she? Did that mean what he thought it meant?

Huh, he thought to himself. Was he considered the other guy? Possibly, desirable now. Still he was stumped how that happened.

He grinned big now, looking at his toe. Zeke should have shown her his toe earlier. Usually, that was just something he hid. He never wore sandals. He didn't even go barefooted all that much. My lucky toe, he thought now. God, he hoped she didn't regret this. Really.

He wanted to think of it as the good times. Not the bad times. This was totally not bad. Just the beginning. It had to be the beginning of something. It just had too. As he started to get dressed, so he'd be ready, this was so unbelievable. Really.

Zeke looked at the bed. That's where it happened. Yeap. There he went to smiling again. He plopped in the middle of the covers then. He wanted to savor it as long as he could. But his cell rang and it was Caitlin, telling him they were here. It was time to come down.


Sara Lynn said...

He seems a little confused, but mostly happy, this could be good for him :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out for him; Zeke is a sweetheart! :)

ellie said...

I'm happy for him.

Aury said...

I really hope they end up together, and that neither is misled.

lucy and sarah said...

wow, just what they need. company. they need time to figure this out.

ori said...

Looks like things are more than he bargained for.

Josie said...

Things get complicated so quickly, don't they?
xo Josie