Tuesday, July 27, 2010

away we go

OK, Caitlin hadn't trusted Derrick in the last couple of days.

a. she knew he was on something. she couldn't specify what, but the guy never slept. and his eyes darted a lot. there was something going on. it just didn't feel quite right.

b. she called his sister because she couldn't get a hold of him and when she told her she was a freshman. his sister thought she was a freshman in high school. Caitlin found out that Derrick never went out with college girls. he was 25 years old.

Caitlin didn't want to see him after that. She was wrong about him.

Yes, maybe she'd been avoiding him like the plague, and  he wasn't nearly as intriguing as she thought. He had suddenly lost his luster and well, she had been putting him off. She just didn't know how to tell him she didn't want to see him anymore.

"Why are you doing this to me?" He had her by the arm as if this was the way it was suppose to be as he dragged her to the parking lot. She'd been kicking and screaming, but a lot of good that did at a concert.

"I don't think we should see each other, anymore." She was trying to figure out a way to get away. He had the sleeve of her dress. Suddenly she dropped out of the polo shirt dress and was just in her tank and her girl briefs. She backed away across the gravel and took off running. Derrick followed.

Megan saw her first and jumped in front of her.

"Hold on," Smed said under the street lights to Megan.

"DON"T YOU DARE! YOU FUCK'N IDIOT!" Megan screamed, and she pounced on him like a cat clawing his face, and kicked him where it hurt.

Caitlin realised Smed had been talking to Megan instead of Derrick. He grabbed Megan from behind before she did anymore damage. They made a run for it then. Nobody said anything but got in the car to drive. And Caitlin didn't even think about her dress. She guessed Derrick still had it.


ori said...

wow, thats a lot to absorb.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Caitlin has figured him out. & that she got away.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! This is crazy. :/

ellie said...

Lot of action going on.

simon and josh said...

those are some strange things she found out about him.

nick and heath said...

Wow, I wonder how this is going to work out.

Sara Lynn said...

Woah, that is nuts!

Josie said...

Oh, my goodness. Thank goodness for her friends.
xo Josie

Aury said...

That was wild!