Monday, July 19, 2010

can't be soon enough

"How about that." Smed made light of it. He didn't say anything more. It would not be a topic of conversation. Enough said. He wanted to move on. He didn't want to look at Zeke who just kept staring at him. "So where are we going? What are we doing?" He looked to Megan who then looked to Caitlin.

"I dunno." Caitlin looked to Zeke for suggestions.

"Uh, lots to places to eat. What are you hungry for?" He looked at Smed who really was caught off guard.

"I'm up for anything."

"Zio's." Megan nodded. "The pizza is always good and I'm famished." She grabbed Smed's arm.

"We can take my car." Zeke offered since he knew locations. "Its the least I could do."

Of course, the girls wanted to sit in the backseat. It was awkward. He had nothing to say. He felt so cold and it was hard to act that everything was just wonderful. But he wouldn't dare say he felt sick or anything, he would just get through this.

Soon enough they were sitting around at the pizza place, and Caitlin was talking about life on campus. How people were. What they did for fun.

"Boring, huh?" She smiled.

"No." Megan was being her silly sweet self. It was like Smed didn't know this Megan who was so happy and cheerful. It was almost an irritating act.

"There's this band playing a few blocks from here." Zeke then said as if that might be what they needed.

"Oh my god, when's the last time we've been to see a band?" She grabbed Smed's hands as if she was ready to dance before they even got there. They were still waiting for pizza.

"Like never." He winced, thinking he hadn't meant to be so snide, but this act of hers was getting old, or maybe it was the idea of having to be with a brother he never knew. It was a close call.

She pulled him away from the table then. "Come to the bathroom with me."

"What?" He glared at her then. Who would ask such a thing?

Well, she pulled him right in as if he might be her little boy she couldn't trust in the men's room. She locked the door behind them.

"What is wrong with you?" She wanted to know.

"Nothing." He squinted hard.

"You're just jealous." She hugged herself then as she glared at him for a real answer.

"Why would I be jealous?" He scrunched a frown.

"Because, you can't find anything to say to her friend." She informed him.

"God, Meg-" He shook his head. He was so frustrated now.  He just wanted to get out of the women's restroom.

They went back to the table then. He was going to have to make an effort to talk with Zeke now.


ori said...

Its good to see them altogether.

misty said...

oh what a bathroom scene.

ellie said...

giving him the 3rd degree.

Josie said...

Awwwwwwkkkkwaaarrrrrdddd. At the very least, it's fun for them to all be together.
xo Josie

Sara Lynn said...

Poor guys, they are so awkward. Meg is being a little rude but i can understand why.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely a strange situation. :/

izzy and dev said...

she has her way of keeping him in line.