Thursday, July 15, 2010

can't hardly stand it

Smed didn't know he'd be so quiet. But it was best to just be there. Maybe part of the furniture. Caitlin was Megan's friend, first and foremost. And it wasn't like Caitlin said, "Oh...its you." No. She hardly looked at him as if she wanted to perhaps forget those crazy letters she'd e-mailed him. Which was fine with him. It was. Everything had evolved and well, faded, more or less.

He licked his dry lip, wanting to say something silly like. "I think I have vampire teeth." No, he didn't say that. But just sat there. Calm. Nothing to do. A part of him wished he hadn't arrived. Would they have noticed if he'd gotten up and left? He knew he had to remain part of the audience while they went on, all giddy and what not, about this happening and that happening when they were in school.

And he had to say things like, "No, I must not have been at school that day." or "I don't remember that." Shake his head, no. Of course, he might have, but still it wasn't nearly as cute as he remembered like they did. Still, it was nice that their friendship hadn't dried up to nothing. They had things to talk about. Music. Movies. TV shows.

Had it only been 30 minutes? He didn't even have a watch on.

And then a knock came to the door so Smed got up to answer it as if it might be the Jehovah Witness or someone wanting something. No. It was him. Him.

Immediately, Smed knew those eyes, anywhere. And the guy just looked at him as if he might have the wrong room, but their eyes locked. And then nothing was said. Maybe Zeke didn't want them to know. Maybe Smed didn't want them to know, either.

Wasn't he just the other brother, anyway? The one that he never knew, but met that one time when everyone had to meet at a funeral so long ago. Smed thought his eyes watered just a tad. Allergies. Yes, just allergies. But his throat was so parched.. He couldn't say a thing. And neither, could Zeke.


lucy and sarah said...

interesting. for sure.

ori said...

I had no idea.

Cafe Fashionista said...! :/

Sara Lynn said...

Woah! What is going on? Exciting! :D

Thanks for your sweet comment! I always forget to respond to what you say after reading your post lol. They are really good, I like this story a lot :)

holly O said...

such a shocker!

simon and josh said...

Didn't expect it.

Meg said...

Wow! Crazy!

ellie said...