Friday, July 23, 2010

in the pit

She asked for it. Didn't she?

Megan couldn't remember the last time she'd felt a rush quite like this. A packed house. Lights flashing in the dark as the band played on..on a shitty sound system. It was just noise.

"What!" She thought Caitlin was saying something. She would never really know. They were together. The four of them. Standing room only. The humid air made her sweat more. She felt her makeup crawling off her face. Still it didn't matter. They were together. But they soon lost Smed and Zeke in the crowd. Before she knew it, she was holding on to Caitlin as bodies swayed in and out like a currant. It was as if they were part of a nomadic dance that wasn't going anywhere or was it? In and out. In and out. The drum solo went on forever.  It was kicking. Through the wrecking sound, all Megan could manage to get out was again, "What!"

She hadn't a clue who these guys were on the little stage. Definitely no one really famous. Yet it was exhilarating. Megan was getting into it now. With the jumping. Mashing bodies this way and that way. Maybe they were moshing. Maybe. She wasn't quite sure. Exactly. But then she saw something vaguely giraffe like, and he was coming for Caitlin.

Megan winced. Looking around for Smed. Someone. Where in the hell was he? Well, she was furious. This guy was hoovering over Caitlin. Megan got out her cell and texted Smed.

Where in the hell are you?

He texted back.

Right behind you.

She didn't see him anywhere behind her and when she look to find Caitlin, she was not there. This was not good. Suddenly a chill came over  Megan with the sweat trickling down her face. Where was she?

She text Smed back to tell him that she'd lost Caitlin. They had to find Caitlin.


ori said...

Lots of suspense.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is scary. :/

lucy and sarah said...

That would not be fun.

cass and cady said...

what a scene.

ivy said...

Obviously, intense.

Aury said...

Oh my gosh. So much worry.