Monday, July 5, 2010

a new kind of thing

"I love you." Megan said it first thing when he got in and she was pulling out of the driveway.

Smed barely blinked. Did he hear her correctly?

He wasn't going for that. Really. He was sure when he told her about his mother she'd want to run away from him. She'd think he had a nut job for a family. It wasn't like he talked about it. He didn't. He didn't even want to think about it. He just wanted her to remember she had a mother. Was this the way it was suppose to turn out?

"I love you, too." It sounded like a line from a movie he'd memorized and now he had to show her. He meant it. Maybe he did. Molly said he did. It sort of felt like a sore throat that might make his lungs weak. It was kind of hard to breathe. But he saw that smile of hers. She was happy. Really, smiling happy, like a kid who had a cloud of cotton candy to savor.

"Are you sure you're, OK?" Smed knew she wouldn't tell him. Maybe she'd think differently about her Mom, later. Not right now when it was so vivid how her mother was toward her. Mean. Bitter. Kind of ugly. He guessed that was the alcohol talking.

"I'm just fine." She drove toward the interstate then.

"OK, maybe you'll let me drive." He was a little uneasy with how fast she could go. "When you're tired." He'd just hang on and hope they made it through Missouri, safely.


ivy said...

That was sweet of her. He's got to believe in himself more.

Holly said...

I just want him to be happy. I really do. Now he just has to let himself.

ori said...

It made me smile how he feels about her driving.

izzy and dev said...

Could be the begining of something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This may be just what he needs right now. :)

Sara Lynn said...

I hope this is going well, he needs to be happy.