Wednesday, July 21, 2010

no time for that

Caitlin felt as if the timing was all wrong. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to be talking with Megan yet felt she had to at least talk with Smed, a little. Maybe she could explain. But she didn't want to talk about Derrick now. She wanted to forget him. She kept staring at Zeke now wishing they could be more than friends. At least Megan got to hold Smed's hand.

Really, it was not what she was expecting. The two of them. And Megan was acting like she was on top of the world. Nothing bad could touch her. Why did she have to do this to her? Now.

Well, Smed was making an effort to talk with Zeke now while he was shredding the papers around a straw. He seemed polite enough. But she didn't know what they found to talk about. No way, could she get a real answer out of Megan. Everything was just wonderful. Just wonderful. She wondered if it really was.

Finally the pizza arrived and they dug in. Caitlin smiled wishing she'd had more nights like this with Megan in high school. As it was she never went out with her and Craig. It was as if Megan never wanted her to know him. But now, it was as if Smed was her best friend, and she was constantly wanting to touch him. It was as if she owned him.

It was then Caitlin really knew what this was all about. She couldn't help but smile. Megan wasn't interested in a status anymore like she was at school. She wanted someone who had never been with anyone. And she knew Smed hadn't. He always kept to himself. She remembered those sleepy times of his in class. He did everything at his own pace. He wasn't interested in pep rallies and proms. He was the one in the corner that you never knew was there. Why hadn't she noticed him until now?

"Well, are we going to that club?" Megan wanted to know.

"Of course, we are." Zeke grinned.

Caitlin was getting nervous. She didn't know if she was even into the club scene. At least she's worn sneakers.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" She was ready to make the plunge. Or had she done that already today?


Berlin said...

The unexpected is always expected =)

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ivy's closet said...

oh boy, where is this going????

Cafe Fashionista said...

Corruption seems to be in the air. :/

ellie said...

oh, it would be exciting to go to a show with friends.

ori said...

lets hope they have fun!

lucy and sarah said...

It is interesting what Caitlin picks up on.

lily said...

sounds serious.

knk said...

interesting story

cass and cady said...

oh I love clubs.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

lets hope they have fun!interesting story.

Berlin said...


Have a great day!

Josie said...

Group dynamics can be so tricky...
xo Josie