Saturday, July 3, 2010

out in the dark

Just how did he do it? Really?

Megan looked herself in the mirror and thought maybe Smed deserved better. She hadn't thought of him being so alienated. Now she felt more miserable. She hadn't explained everything to him, first thing about her mother.

"Well, at least you have one." His words haunted her now. And yes, she guessed she was hiding out in his room just like he said. He told her he was tired of being her excuse. But she promised he wasn't. He wasn't an excuse anymore. That was a few days ago when they were together and maybe she had treated him like fast food on the value meal menu.

Thats when he told her his father had killed his mother. Instantly, she thought it was right here in this house. How could he stand to be here, she thought. She felt so tense and horrible that she hadn't been more of a friend...she guessed.

"No, no it was another state. A different town. She came home for lunch, and he was waiting for her when she walked into kitchen." He told her this as if it were some old movie he remembered watching as a kid. No emotion came to his face, and she tried her best not to say something weird.

He and his brother had moved here so his uncle could take care of them, but they'd taken care of themselves, mostly. His uncle was a truck driver.

Now she felt so horrible for him and that she didn't want to stay with her mother.

"We just don't talk anymore, you know." She broke down. "I can't do this. I can't." But she couldn't decide which was worse. How her mother was when she wasn't drunk or she was.

"It'll be OK." He told her to call her mother's sisters. Her grandmother. "They could help. They would. They would want to know."

She guessed so. But she really didn't want to be here when they arrived. She was packing a few things. Megan was ready to get out of this town. Smed was getting the oil changed in her car. Making sure everything was fine under the hood.

"You gotta to at least see your grandma and your Aunts." Smed told her. But she wasn't sure if she could. She really wasn't sure. She'd have to be the grown up now. And Megan wasn't sure she was up for it.

But here Smed was. He wasn't going to let her be alone.

Naturally, her mom wasn't thrilled to see him.

"That's not Craig." She gave Megan an irry look.

"This is Smed." Megan told her mother who was still in her housecoat and an old gown she never saw her mother out of. "I broke up with Craig. Remember?" Megan winced.

"No. No, you didn't break up with Craig. What's he doing here?" She looked at Smed as if he might be a thief.

"To help me." Megan found her self saying as her smile wiggled into a frown.

"With what? What are you talking about, baby?" She winced so hard then and found a cigarette to lite. She stammered around a bit.

She hoped her mother's family came soon. Really, she didn't want to be here for this intervention. It wasn't going to be one of those like on TV. Would it?

"Maybe, maybe, you need some help around the house." Smed kept his arms crossed. Megan just wanted to get behind Smed.

"I don't need your god-damn help." She was cross.

"Well, Craig says sometimes the toilet gets stuck. I could check it out." He winced slightly.

Megan shook her head, no. Finally a cardoor slammed too. Megan heard foot-steps then. It was her mother's two sisters. Her mom just gave them a dead stare. Still Megan felt as if she were the one in trouble. But she let them in, and they were friendly with her Mom. Aunt Dottie and Aunt Carol.

It was time to slip out. Megan went down the front steps then pulling Smed along. Her uncle was waiting outside. Aunt Dottie's husband.

"Are you going to be OK?" He asked.

Megan nodded, told him she was going to visit a friend away at the University. She got in her car then.

"Well, get in the car. You have to come with me." She looked at Smed as if the car couldn't run without him.

"Are you sure about this?" He looked at her as if this was the end of the road for him.

"Yes, I'm very sure. I want you with me." It was true. He was the only thing she wanted, and they didn't even have to see Caitlin if he didn't want too.


ivy said...

oh wow, big changes. and what a shock to hear about Smed's parents.

ori said...

in spite of Smed's past and all, I'm glad she feels this for him. Although, I hope she's not being selfish.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Who knew Smed's parents were like that? :/

Meg said...

Wow, so much going on! I hope the family can help Megan's mom.