Sunday, July 25, 2010


"Was that who I think it is?" Smed looked at Zeke.

"How would you know?" Zeke just winced at him. They hadn't really talked. They'd talked about nothing for the longest time. Not to each other exactly, but about video games, mostly and this horrible band. Why did he even suggest it?

"Just a hunch." Smed shrugged. "Megan mentioned him."

Zeke nodded. OK, maybe they were on the same side when it came to Caitlin.

"I didn't think he was in town." Zeke looked at Smed then. They were back at the T-shirt stands and CDs.

"Maybe she's not telling you, everything." Smed sighed. Just then Megan made her way to them out of the crowd.

"What are you guys doing?" She looked at both of them as if they shouldn't be standing here. "You have to find Caitlin! Now!" She was out of breath.

"We will." Smed shrugged as if he wasn't in a real hurry.

"He could be- I dunno. What if that guy took her off somewhere?" She looked at Smed then Zeke. Naturally, she was all they needed to force them to go to the parking lot.


ori said...

Megan will set them straight.

jeremy's turn said...

so scary!

so jade said...

hope they find her!

Meg said...

Megan is a good friend.

Sara Lynn said...

I hope she is okay! :(

Aury said...

I really hope she's ok. Why don't these guys think this is serious. Thank goodness for Megan.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I would love to have a Megan in my life; she's such an amazing person!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything turns out ok!