Friday, July 9, 2010

sure enough

Why did weird stuff turn her on? Well, she was thinking about it now. Not then. Not when it happened. Not when she kissed him as if she felt she had kissed him a 1000 times before. Only that wasn't really Zeke. It was someone else. Although, she kept her eyes closed wishing it were him. And here they really were. Finally.


It was a little mixed up and really not a second thought into it. Now there were so many thoughts in her head.

It hadn't even happened at night, but three in the afternoon. And weren't the lights on in the room? She winced. Jesus, he really saw all of her and...and it was more like a rotating force of nature. Nothing like a porn flick. Actually, she fell on him when she kissed him for starters and then she knew something was up. But they kept kissing as if their life depended on it, and her head almost got wedged under the bed, but she didn't say anything about the problem because she could have stayed right there, but as it was.... The bed. The bed was for this kind of stuff. And he was all happy and guess what he had. Well, in some drawer there was one. of course, he had to dig through his dresser and a bunch of socks pooped the floor and then came the undies and finally.... there is was. A condom.

Thank God, they didn't talk about it because she was pretty sure if they had, well, she would have come up with some excuse. No, lets just roll with it, she thought. We're here. You've got it. Lets do it. Naturally, she didn't say any of this to him. No time to spoil the mood because... this was it. This was....

She thought it would have been at least the full twenty minutes. But as she was walking back to her room, she saw Megan standing there in the hallway. With someone. It was a good thing it hadn't lasted any longer than it had. But her hair was a mess, and she possibly had a hickey which may or may not have shown. And lord knows if they could tell what she'd been up too. Could they?

"Where you been?" Megan looked at her.

"Washing clothes." She lied.

"Is that why you're wearing boxers?" Megan pointed out.

Caitlin thought she might have a seizure when she looked down to see she had on Zeke's boxer.

"Everything is in the wash." But it wasn't. She had clothes to wear. She was going to wear something smart. Maybe. Of course, she wasn't sure a dress could actually be smart. Sophisticated. She guessed. "I wasn't expecting you just yet." She touched her hair wondering just where her ponytail had landed.

"Are you sure, you are OK?" Megan asked, and she looked up and saw who she was with. He was definitely not Craig. And when she introduced him, Caitlin knew who he was.  The e-mails. It was him. She kept staring, but finally let them in and got them some drinks from the little fridge in her room while she went to shower and change.


lucy and sarah said...

wow, lots of surprises.

Sara Lynn said...

Ugh oh, I wonder what is going to happen now.

Josie said...

So many surprises! I can't wait to see what happens next...
xo Josie

Berlin said...

Oh wow...
nothing but more surprises =)

Eliminating bugs,

Aury said...

oh my gosh. Don't keep us in suspense much longer. That was so intense!

Honestly, are u seriously not writing a book?