Sunday, July 11, 2010

what could it be

"She doesn't look at all like herself." Megan shook her head as she sat there on the bed drinking a Dr. Pepper.

"How should she look?" Smed slightly smiled.

"I dunno. I think he's-he's done something to her." Megan winced. She felt like slugging this Derrick dude that Caitlin never talked about.

"Well, we caught her off guard. She wasn't expecting us, just yet." Smed reminded her that she drove way over the speed limit.

"OK, I promise, I won't question her." But Megan wanted too.

"Good. You two might should have a sleepover or something. Just so you can, you know, catch up." Smed told her.

"No, no." She winced. "Where would you sleep?"

"The car." Smed shrugged.

"No, thats not fair. You'd get in trouble. We're at a University, you know." She took his hand then. "There has to be someone you could room with tonight."

"Its OK. Don't worry about it." Smed smiled.

"No, I won't stay in her room unless we find something for you. I bet she'd let us both stay right here." Really, she just wanted a motel room with him. Was that really too much to ask for?


Meg said...

Sleeping in the car would be rough for Smed. Maybe he should get a room.

Josie said...

So intriguing. Can't wait to see what happens next!
xo Josie