Sunday, August 15, 2010

always a winding road

Zeke walked in on Caitlin who was on her cell with her Dad. Her door was open. He could tell this was a bad time, but then again she definitely wanted to get off the phone.

"Are you OK?" Zeke winced.

"Not really." She put her cell away. "I told my Dad I quit my job. He's being a butthead." She frowned then as if it were the worst day ever.

"Look, Owen is back so I called Nora and June. They said they could help out with Megan and Smed for a few days."

"Just a few days, huh?" She looked at him as if she needed a hug.

"We should have looked for a place like yesterday." He knew now, but he hugged Caitlin. Happiness suddenly surged through him. "We'll find something. Its not the end of the world."

"How come, it feels like it? Its worse than waiting for finals." She squeezed him tight. "I miss you."

She looked up at him then. He smiled as if he had an idea.

"If we get Smed and Megan settled at Nora's, then maybe I can spend the night here." He wondered if that was asking too much.

"Really?" She laughed a smile then.

"I mean, if you want me to, but - I - don't-"

"Yes!" She kissed him then as if suddenly there were no worries at all.


ellie said...

such fun thoughts ahead.

E.L. said...

Things can change so quickly.

ori said...

Looks like things are happening...

izzy and dev said...

glad Nora and June are gonna help them.

Sara Lynn said...

Awww that is sweet :)

lucy and sarah said...

They could be good together.

Meg said...

I'm glad he could cheer her up.

Berlin said...


Sweet, let's read the next chapter :)

On a rainbow slide,