Thursday, August 5, 2010

looking on

Zeke was listening to Smed and Megan at breakfast. It was as if Smed wanted Megan to stay.

"You could just room with Caitlin." Smed told her.

"No, it doesn't work that way. All right." Megan was a bit tense.

Zeke worked at the pancakes trying not to interrupt them.

"He has a point. You should go for it. Really." Caitlin was on Smed's side about this.

"I could take a bus home. Really, it would be fine. You could see about getting in here. Its not too late." The fall semester was in a few weeks.

Megan sighed heavily.

Zeke looked at Smed.

"Why can't you stay, too?" Zeke finally asked.

Smed shook his head, no. "I don't think I belong here." He stuffed some scrambled eggs in his mouth then.

"I don't see why not." Zeke told him. "Maybe the four of us could get a place together, off campus."

"Yeah, that would be really nice if I had a job or a scholarship or something." Smed sighed.

"Well, we could look around for something." Zeke was serious.

Megan looked at Zeke then.

"Look, you are my brother and want to help you." Zeke admitted then.

"What?" Megan winced. "Why didn't you say something before, Smed?"

"Uh, because...because..we hardly know each other." Smed shot him a look as if he was suppose to keep it a secret. "I was gonna say something, but on the way home."

"Well, maybe you're not going home at all now." Caitlin looked a Smed then. She grinned at Megan as if she liked Zeke's plan.


ori said...

He should have told Megan..sooner.

Sara Lynn said...

This might be a good idea!

ellie said...

Like a new beginning.

ivy's closet said...

sounds like a plan!

Anonymous said...

Smed, an interesting name...but also seems like an interesting person.

ivy said...

I hope it can happen.

Romany said...

Thinking of getting a place with friends soon too, so I feel their pain...there's so much to think about.
p.s. yes it's so strange that '89 is considered retro! Even the 90s are retro, now...oh, how time passes.