Saturday, August 21, 2010

morning has broken

The bed was just too small. Well, it was a twin. Having sex in it was one thing, but sleeping with Zeke in such close proximity was another thing. Caitlin moved to the other bed on the other side of the room.

Of course, she awoke before he did and wondered if she should just get back in the other bed with him and pretend she'd been there all this time. Well, she could give it a try. And she edged back in. So close. Then confined when he her from the back side and rested his chin on her shoulder. It was stifling then. Caitlin was hot. Stuck, she thought.

All she could think of was going out to get fruit and crussionts. That would be so nice. But they'd be stuck going to the dining hall for cereal if they were lucky. Then she remembered. It was closed down until classes picked back up.

Then it occured to her. What were they going to do for food? She wanted to get up. Get dressed. But she couldn't move. When would he ever wake up? There was so much to do. She thought she might be fretting. She didn't want to. Why was life like this? Why did she have to worry?

Caitlin was wide awake now. She tried to calm herself down. Thinking about Zeke. His kiss. His skin. Those amazing eyes. So many beautiful things. She'd gone to sleep thinking about him. The two of them. Together. Now. She just had to get up and do things. And most of all, that morning body function was annoying her the most.

She broke away. Went to the bathroom. She sighed finally turning on the shower. It wasn't long until someone finally got up and found her. Suddenly, she forgot all those things they needed to do today.


ivy's closet said...

Um..this kind of thing can be they say..the hardest button to button.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, they can work this out. They must communicate.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Communication is key in this situation. :/

molly said...

It might be hard if they are both shy.

E.L. said...

I hope Caitlin can get used to this..but maybe she's not ready.

ivy said...

Its never exactly perfect.

Oana Roxana said...

You've 'fooled' me. I've searched on imdb for 'Caitlin and Megan' and found ...nothing,obviously =))
Cool story,but I must take all from the start when I have time.
Nice to meet your blog,Meg! ;)