Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh so low and blue

"Guys? We need to be thinking about these apartments." Zeke insisted. Of course, there were a few they just drove by and wouldn't dare go into. Especially, after the last one smelled like cat pee, and it was the only one they could possibly afford.

Zeke had some money saved up. He could put down the deposit.

"I don't like any of them." Megan scowled.

"Well, we know what ever we get will take a lot of work. Maybe we could just get our own house." Caitlin stayed positive.

"Yeah, not in these economic times, I'm afraid. Unless you've won the lottery or you've got a rich Aunt willing to co-sign." Zeke laid out the facts.

"I can't believe this. Really." Megan stretched out on the backseat in her strapless sundress. One would have thought they'd just picked her up from the garden party, already sloshed.

"We'll just keep looking. No more yard sales. We need to find a place before you two start filling it up with other people's treasures."  Zeke sighed as the sweat poured down him. He could really use a drink of something right now, but he kept driving.

"I hate college towns." Megan decided. "Its like everyone jumps on it before you get a chance to even know its there."

"Have you called Smed?" Zeke looked up in the rear-view mirror at Megan.

"Why should I? He's not going to help us." She hugged herself as if this whole thing was hopeless.

"Lets just get cherry limeades at Sonic." Caitlin told Zeke then. At least happy hour wasn't over yet at the fast food place.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they find something soon!! :)

lucy and sarah said...

She's just being down right evil now about Smed.

E.L. said...

Doesn't sound promising.

Romany said...

Apartments? Pfft. Caitlin's right, they should be looking for a house to rent. This is what my friends and I are doing in a few months. Though perhaps real estate opportunities are fewer over there...

ivy said...

Yeah, a house would be good. With friends.

Josie said...

Yesss, Sonic happy hour! Sorry, I got really excited.
xo Josie

Sara Lynn said...

I hope they find something :( Hoory for Sonic!

ellie said...

Oh, it takes some time when looking for a place.

nick and heath said...

I hope Smed and Megan smooth it out.

Berlin said...

I really dislike apartments, glad I don't live in one. You have to live in a smaller space with tons of people beside, above, and below you!

Megan should put up with the situation until she can really afford her own house, and stop complaining.

Wishing you good health,