Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Smed felt like kicking something. He knew right away his brother back home, the one who had always been there for him, would definitely nix the idea of him staying here, especially if he found out about Zeke.

"I don't like this idea." Smed winced back at the dorm with Zeke.

"Why?" Zeke kept smiling as if Smed would get used to it. "Look, lets take this one step at a time. We'll go to admissions. First though, we'll need to get you connected with a few financial stuff. You do anything, like that in June, try to at-least get your foot in the door." Zeke went to his laptop then.

"Sort of." Smed felt a little warm just talking about college with Zeke.

He went to a website right away. "Sit. I hope you remember your pin number. If we have the info they need, its gonna help you all the more." So he got Smed situated. He brought up the page with all his information he'd found that he didn't tell Dolby about. He knew Dolby didn't want him doing this. He wasn't quite sure why, but Dolby didn't like the idea of him being educated. He guessed. Well, he'd always called Smed stupid most of his life. Not that that really bothered Smed much, but he knew Dolby liked being in charge. And he'd pretty much done what ever Dolby told him to do. He was oldest. He was there to take care of him. Always had. Now he was going behind his back.

"I don't see a problem." Zeke looked at it. "Got any other skills you care to share?" Zeke looked at him.

There was that test his computer teacher wanted him to take, but he didn't have the money to take it. Dolby swore he'd fail it. Smed guessed he could tell Zeke about that.


lucy and sarah said...

looks like Zeke really wants to help him.

holly O said...

Hope Smed listens to Zeke.

Romany said...

Aww Smed got called stupid by his brother most of his life? That's horrible. :(
p.s. wow that pic of Alia Shawkat - you're right, that is definitely a brave shade of red. Not sure I could do that either...

ivy said...

like the new header and I'm really glad Smed found Zeke.

ori said...

Oh so like how Zeke is helping him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the way such a strong bond is growing between Smed and Zeke! :)

Berlin said...

Oh, that's just kinda bossy now. Pity him.

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