Sunday, September 26, 2010

finding the one

There the beautiful beds were. Row after row. Megan gave a deep sigh.

"They said if you found one, they'd deliver it like, right now." Megan reminded Caitlin.

"I dunno." Caitlin looked too young to be doing this. She was holding her Dad's credit card. It was all in her hands to make the magic happen. To have the best bedroom ever. "Which bed do you think? Smed?"

"I'm not really an expert." Smed bit a smile as he looked over at Caitlin.

"Come on you two. Lets try them out." It didn't bother Megan to bounce her butt down on one. Next thing she did was lay across it as if she might be making angel wings in the snow. "I wonder what Zeke is doing right now." Megan rose up on her elbows. She saw that Caitlin and Smed were laying on the same bed. "Should I be jealous?"

They both got off the bed and both went to separate ones.

"He had to have dinner with his Mom and sister." Caitlin told her.

"I bet you are his dirty little secret." Megan teased with a sexy smile.

Caitlin rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, don't you just love it?" Megan was actually talking about the bed, but maybe about Caitlin's predicament too. She'd never thought of her friend as the one moving in with a guy. "I think this is the one." Yes, she was certain of it. Firm, yet lovingly molding to your body. "Come on, both of you. Get on this one with me."

They all lounged around then. Megan sneaked a kiss from Smed. She definitely had to make up for leaving him in the cold. She had a feeling he was slightly forgiving her. But she certainly couldn't let Sammi get her hands on him.

Just then Smed reached for the price tag. "$999.00" He looked at Caitlin.

"Cait, its a steal." Megan told her. Box springs were included.


ivy said...

ha ha..I loved that part where Megan asked if she should be jealous.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the fact that Megan is staking her claim on Smed! :P

ellie said...

I like it when Megan takes charge. Made me smile.

simon and josh said...

Oh, Megan. Well, I'm glad she woke up.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"It didn't bother Megan to bounce her butt down on one."

HAHA. Love it! You've got a wonderful style of writing, and the story is way fun!

She is Sara said...

I like that she is claiming him, but I did really like Sammi! lol all of your characters are so likeable :)

Romany said...

I love the name Caitlin - because I can shorten it to Caitie. Which I also love. Hehe.
Yay Smed is slightly forgiving Megan! Hopefully she can keep up the good behaviour!
re: your comment, ah yes I'm definitely feeling the pressure to hurry up and decide about my future. I have one more week to confirm my university place... :-/ so nervous. What if it's the wrong choice? Sigh.

Berlin said...

Fooh, better not let me handle a creadit card lol.

Good for Megan :) She must remember not to make the same mistake.

Candy dancing,

DFF said...

I did love it when she asked them if she should be jealous.