Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the harsh reality

Smed watched Caitlin do it. Use her Dad's credit card. She squinted hard as if she knew this was a very bad thing to do.

"He always said it was for emergencies.." She gritted. Naturally, the salesman said she'd love this amazing mattress. Smed saw how her shoulders almost caved in.

"Just tell your Dad, you're gonna pay him back as soon as you can." Smed put his arm around her.

"We can look for sheets now." Megan was all grins.

"Maybe we should look at Good Will for that." Smed gave Megan a glare.

"I bet there's a sale at Target." Megan got a bit snooty then. She snatched the credit card from Caitlin. Smed snatched it right back.

"Put it away. For safe keeping." He handed it back to Caitlin who finally put it in her wallet.

"I'll use my money for the sheets." Caitlin hugged herself and walked on. They loaded up in Megan's car and Smed drove toward the strip mall where the Good Will store waited. Somehow, this felt like torture. To see Caitlin have to use her father's credit card.

"Just think of it as a good investment." Smed tried to remind her.

"I just hope I find something good." Caitlin looked as if she were trying to will herself to do this with the best intention.

"How about a heart shaped pillow." Megan picked up one with Minnie Mouse's face on it.

Smed shook his head, no.

Caitlin just stared into space.

"These are nice." He picked up some packaged sheets. They'd never been opened from K-mart.

"They're brown, Smed." Megan just glared at him.

"With little white flowers. They make me think of you, Caitlin." He admitted. "And ..and Zeke too." They were only five bucks. He hugged on to the package. If only he had 5 bucks to pay for them, he would have.


She is Sara said...

Aww, this is so bittersweet. I really hope things work out for them, they are such sweethearts :)

lucy and sarah said...

I so love Smed.

ori said...

aw, its a frightening moment. lots of growing up,here.

ellie said...

Oh, she'll be OK..I'm sure she'll love sleep'n in that bed.

cass and cady said...

Smed's a good friend. I wonder how he really feels that his half brother is with Caitlin who he had a crush on in high school.

Berlin said...

Oh, totally agree with Cass and Cady's comment.

Candy dancing,

Romany said...

A heart shaped pillow? Really, Megan? Haha.
Smed's a really good guy. And yes I agree with cass and cady - I wonder how he REALLY feels...

the oaks said...

I do like how Smed wants to be there for Caitlin.

molly said...

I do wonder if he wishes he was with Caitlin..sometimes.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...they are so adorable. I hope things work out!! :)

ivyoaks said...

Smed's a good friend.