Wednesday, September 8, 2010

just a chat

"So you went to school with him?" Sammi must have asked a million and one questions about Smed. Caitlin just smiled. Someone was certainly smitten.

"I've never met a guy like him before." Sammi told her as they folded sheets up.

"You know, Zeke is his brother." Caitlin reminded her.

"Yeah, that's so weird how they get along so well." Sammi sighed.

"You and Mia don't get along?" Caitlin put another towel away.

"No, I can't stand her. She can't stand me. She's-she always makes me feel I'm under-dressed and not sophisticated. She's very high maintenance. She usually requires at least 2 boyfriends." Sammi informed her.

"Really? How does that work, exactly?" Caitlin laughed.

"I don't even want to know." Sammi smirked. "I'm just glad she left before I got here, and I'm thankful you guys got here when you did."

Caitlin just smiled. She liked Sammi. She knew they could be friends.


Sara Lynn said...

awww this is cute! I like Sammi :)

ori said...

Sammi and all her questions about Smed made me smile.

ellie said...

Sammi definitely sounds the opposite of her sister.

so jade said...

I think she's sweet.

Dionne said...

I love this! How cool that you've got an ongoing story from post to post!

Oana Roxana said...

I'm mad on myself.I've ruined your story with my reading way.One post from the begining,one from the end...but I'll soon manage to read it right,after I finish with my exams.
Thank you for your visits,Meg! :)

ivy said...

Oh, Sammi is so cute and so different from her sister.

DFF said...

I am glad Caitlin has found someone to talk too. It'll be easier to live with people you like.

Berlin said...

Good for them =)

Have a joyous day,