Tuesday, September 14, 2010

late night confessions

"Do you think we should have gone looking for her?" Caitlin asked. She, Zeke and Sammi were in a tent in the back yard by the swampy pool that wasn't quite cleaned yet.

"No." Zeke told her. "He'll call us if there's problem. Probably." Zeke was on top the sleeping bag. It felt strange being in a tent with 2 girls. He was hot in track pants and fit tank Also the ground was getting harder by the second. It seemed impossible to sleep. His cell vibrated then. It was Smed, telling him that Megan was OK.

"You don't sound OK." Zeke told him.

"What is it?" Caitlin set up as if they'd better go to him, right now.

"Its OK." Zeke looked at her. He got up and went outside to see if he could talk to Smed without questions from Caitlin. "Whats wrong?"

"I dunno why I'm here." Smed croaked. "Seriously, what am I doing?"

"Smed, just listen to me. I'm sure everything will be better tomorrow. You know she needs you. And..and you need her. Its all so overwhelming, right now. But it'll get better once we get settled. You know, just..just relax. OK, relax."

He told him about Megan and her late night with the mystery guy. He'd seen him. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what it was all about. Maybe it was best not to know.

"Tomorrow. We've got so much to do tomorrow. Painting. Finding a room. Getting it ready. We can do this. We'll help you. All of us. All right. I know things are going to be better." He kept trying to cheer him up for a few more minutes. Finally he turned in.

"What did Megan do this time?" Caitlin wanted to know.

"She went to a bar....with someone." Zeke didn't want to keep anything from her.

"Seriously?" Caitlin winced. "Thats-thats so not the way I-I thought she'd changed."

"Its being around a higher education, I guess." Zeke yawned then. He was determined to fall asleep soon. He just hoped he had a real bed, tomorrow.


Sara Lynn said...

Geez, poor guy. I wonder what is going to happen :/

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things work out for him; he has so much going on right now. :/

ivy's closet said...

Zeke is a good brother. I like how he and Caitlin communicate too.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Zeke is there for Smed.

ori said...

I know Caitlin is probably mad at Megan.

simon and josh said...

They are good together, Zeke and Caitlin.

Josie said...

Oh, I hope things turn out okay for him!
xo Josie

Romany said...

Ah zeke, I feel your pain. Except instead of a sleeping in a backyard, I was on a mattress inside. But still, I wanted a proper bed! Haha.

Berlin said...

That's too bad for Zeke :(
Hopefully things will change.

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