Sunday, September 12, 2010

little bombs ... big bombs

Where had the time gone? It was totally dark. After mid-night. Suddenly, Megan felt so giggly, kind of guilty, but not really. She looked up at Cho's face.

"I can't believe I did this?" She'd met him accidently in the grocery store. Nora had sent her to the store to pick up a few things when she got back to make sandwiches and while she was there...there was this guy who looked like freak'n Joseph Gordan Levitts. He just took her breath away. OK, she was dizzy. This was just funny, she thought. Meeting someone in the produce isle. He was feeling mangos. She couldn't help but smile. Megan asked him how he liked his mangos and it went from there.

It wasn't that bad. She kept telling herself as she found her way home from campus. They talked about a lot of stuff. Stuff she wasn't sure why they were talking about. Well, it was important. He'd taken her all over the campus to different places. They weren't alone. OK, they stopped at a bar and had a few mohitos, after-wards. But he wasn't trying to get her drunk. He was very cordial. OK, they danced. A few times.

She felt bad about this now. It wasn't a date. It wasn't. It was just being carefree and spontaneous. Wasn't it?

She saw Smed then in his khakis, bare footed and no shirt on the front porch. Instantly, all she could see in the moonlight was his baby-fat. It annoyed her, slightly. Suddenly.

"Where have you been?" He glared at her.

"Oh, you know." She winced. Kind of smiled.

"No. I don't know." He was pissed. No doubt about it.

"Well, I'm happy to see you too." She smirked, but almost tripped on the steps. He caught her. He helped her in and across the living-room to the guestroom.

Megan looked at the bed for some time, wondering if this might be the end of them. She didn't kiss the guy. They talked. That was it. Talked about what she liked and dis-liked. It was all about her. She liked that.

"Are you drunk?" Smed winced. "You-"

"I'm not drunk." She quickly said before he could even say he smelled alcohol on her. But she almost fell on the bed and missed it. He helped her to bed. Took off her shoes.

"Where did you go? Were you alone?" Smed asked.

"Yes." She sputtered. "No. There were people. A lot of people."

"Anybody in particular?" Smed stared at her.

"uh..guy." Megan finally hiccuped. He didn't say another word, but went to get her toothbrush and gave it to her. He went on his side of the bed, slid out of pants and got in bed, turning away from her.

Megan just stared at him for the longest time. Finally she went to brush her teeth. But as she looked at herself in the mirror and saw how pathetic she really was. Makeup that ran and eye- liner that ran even more once she started to cry. She washed her face the best she could and came back to bed. She undid her dress and pushed into one of Smed's shirts. Finally she crawled into bed and found Smed, still turned away. She wrapped herself around him.

"No." He said quietly. But she kissed him behind the ear as if that alone was enough of an apology. He edged away. "Just stop. Stop." His voice grew more course, but she clung on to find her way to make things not as he meant. She knew the trick. Megan smiled.

"What do you want from me?" His words were full of tears. "Just to do me, so in your head you can think you're with someone else?"

"God!" She watched him get out of bed. "You-you...what are you talking about? If I waited for you to decide to do anything, I'd still be waiting, wouldn't I? Wouldn't I?" She was bitter. He scowled back. Took his pillow and went to the living-room to sleep on the couch.


lucy and sarah said...

I liked the Joseph Gordon Levitts reference. But I have a feeling Smed has felt this about Megan from the get go.

ellie said...

Wow, you have to wonder what makes us do these things. I'm glad Smed is standing up to her.

Aury said...

I think their relationship may be coming to an end.

DFF said...

a very sad reality. he just might be right.

molly said...

wow, just one guy can change everything.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Smed speak his mind. :)

ori said...

Honestly, glad he told her how he felt.

Romany said...

Aww. It's good that Smed is being honest, but I really felt for Megan - sometimes we do things, and don't really know where we're going until we've gone too far...everybody makes mistakes. But perhaps, in this case, it's just one too many.
Will be interesting to see where this goes.
p.s. naww bearded guys are hardly low-lives, they are the creme of the crop! Soo sexy. Tell you're friend she's wrong. ;) haha.

Josie said...

Any drop of Joseph Gordon Levitt's name is a good one.
xo Josie