Saturday, September 4, 2010

lost in it

There was plenty to do at Sammi's. Caitlin immediately got started with the trash bags. She handed one to Megan. Really, what was she expecting her to do? Where were the plastic gloves? Megan gave a snarl. She took one whiff in the kitchen and backed away. Some thing smelled dead in there. Maybe.

"We're going to live here?" She cringed more. She didn't say anything about what room they'd be in. Where were they going to sleep tonight?

"You know, we're just down the street at Nora and June's." Smed reminded her they were within walking distance.

"Well, how long are we going to be here today?" She winced. He was unclogging a sink.

"Until it gets done." He shrugged.

Megan rolled her eyes. This was not the way she wanted it. She wanted to be buying a bed right now. That's what they should be doing. Trying out beds. That was something she could deal with, not some after-math of party.

"Zeke said someone could get sandwiches." Caitlin told her who was getting the living-room a bit more liveable from the debris of soda cans and leftover food.

"He's paying?" Megan was beginning to think Zeke was a millionaire.

"No, Nora said there were cold cuts in their fridge. They have plenty of bread too." Caitlin explained.

"So what are you saying? You want me to make sandwiches?" Meg slightly scowled.

"If you want." Caitlin shrugged.

Megan would  rather be at Nora and June's than down here in the wasteland.


ellie said...

Megan would have to be put off by this. But sometimes, these sort of occasions show a person's true colors.

molly said...

She would have to be this way.

ivyoaks said...

Megan better figure out..she's gotta work ..especially, to find a new place.

ivy's closet said...

I kind of this where you can see who is doing what when something not so fun happens.

E.L. said...

Definitely someone's true colors are gonna shine.

Berlin said...

Big whoopsy doopsy.

Have a splendid day,

Josie said...

Oh, dear, here we go!
xo Josie