Monday, September 6, 2010

ready to crash

"You've really out done yourself." Zeke promised Smed. "You've just fixed every toilet in the joint and the trash disposal works perfectly now."

Smed could barely nod. He looked pretty out of it in the corner. He leaned against the wall nursing a bottle of water and peanut-butter sandwich.

"And, you found us a place.' Zeke smiled.

"June did." Smed sighed.

"I told her we'd repaint the rooms for her. And, and she said we could have our pick, and we could paint it any color we wanted." Zeke had helped out with cleaning up. He'd cleaned out the pool and helped selvage what he could with the furniture.

"You know, Sammi's Mom will be here in a couple of days. You think we can have it done?" Zeke sat by him then.

"Hope so." Smed sighed.

"Where's Megan?" Zeke then asked. Caitlin was off with Sammi, getting laundry done in the basement.

"Who knows." Smed just closed his eyes as if he might take a nap.

"You're not gonna crash here tonight, are you?" Zeke looked at him.

Smed shook his head, no.

"So you two didn't have a fight or anything?" Zeke hoped Megan was just being a baby and not being a pain.

"Don't think so? Did she say something?" That woke Smed up.

"No." Zeke shook his head.

Smed closed his eyes then.

"Go home, will you?" Zeke gave him a pat on the back and smiled. "Well, you know Nora and June's."

Smed nodded, but he didn't move.


ellie said...

Oh Smed. Zeke's a good brother too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed is quite the character! :)

Victoria said...

i really liked this, i'll have to go to the very beginning and read it all.

ivy said...

Smed, he's really over did it..he does need to rest...but gotta wonder what you know who is up too.

ori said...

Smed's so sweet.

another skin said...

I hope Smed gets plenty of appreciation.

ivyoaks said...

I need a nap too..I feel for him.

Josie said...

Smed, my man! And good thing Zeke is around to help him out.
xo Josie