Friday, September 10, 2010

why is it this way

Smed didn't even care where Megan was when he got back to Nora and June's. He took a shower and went straight to bed.

A part of him remembered how Sammi had hugged him. She was a lot stronger than she looked. It felt as if he'd done something wrong, but he really didn't. Well, he'd forgot to actually tell her about Megan. But he was busy and Megan just stayed out of the picture. Sort of like the time he helped build the sets for a play production and the lead actor never did anything but hold a paint brush and act like he was going to do something, but never did.

He was going to try not to worry about Megan. And forget Sammi. Well, he'd think about her and the house. He laid there for a few minutes as sleep set in. Suddenly, he jerked himself up and grabbed his cell from the night stand. Was Sammi alone? Maybe he should have stayed. Maybe.

"Sorry." He said first thing when he heard Sammi's mellow hello. "Are you asleep?"


"Are you OK? I mean, are you sleeping there or-" Why was he doing this? Really? Did he like her? He pondered this as he waited.

"Caitlin's here. So is Zeke."

"Oh." He knew that. God, he felt like an idiot now. "Meggie's not there, is she?" He sat there in bed scratching the back of his head.


That little word frightened him. Where was she? What was Megan doing?

He clicked off and dialed her number. If it went straight to voice mail he was going be sick or throw something. It went to voice mail. He gritted hard.

"Meggie! PICK UP! WILL YOU! PICK UP!" His heart beat took a hold of him. He felt himself shake. What was she trying to do to him?


Romany said...

Aww! He's so worried! I really hope everything turns out ok... :-/

ellie said...

I do feel for him. Tired. Worried. What next???

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Smed! He needs someone who really cares for him, he is such a sweetie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

My heart goes out to Smed right now. :(

molly said...

I do wonder what she's up too and if she truly cares about his feelings.

ori said...

I hope she wakes up and realises what she's got with him.

Fenny said...

I wish she is realize

Josie said...

I hope everything turns out okay!
xo Josie

E.L. said...

I feel really bad for him. If only she knew what she put him through.

Holly said...

I do love the way he cares about her..and others.